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37 Dirty Would You Rather Questions for Couples

Most of us know about the game Would you Rather or sexy 21 questions. People around the world all gather around a campfire or kitchen table in order to ask their friends, family or partners questions that start off with the phrase, “would you rather…” The questions range for innocent and hilarious, to naughty and jaw dropping, and the best part is, you’re the one who’s coming up with the questions.

It’s a fun game that can quickly turn into a dirty answer and question competition. But it’s also a great way to get to know someone as well. Now, you can start off by asking your partner a simple and innocent question, making them pick out of the two options you provide them. However, if you want to share a couple of shocking and hilarious moments, then it’s time you amped it up. Asking them dirty Would You Rather questions will certainly bring you two closer together. It’s great for those seeking sexy questions for couples, ask your crush, etc.

If you want to ask Would You Rather Questions Dirty Version to your partner, there are a couple things you should consider. That way, you ask not only the best questions but ones that will help you get to know your partner on a deeper level and of course, make them cringe and laugh.


Place and time: when it comes to Would You Rather Dirty questions, there’s a place and time to ask them. If your partner is upset or you’re celebrating your anniversary at a nice restaurant, it’s not the time to play this game. Let’s not scare the other people around you. Save this game in moments where you’re alone together and can really ask dirty questions.

Sense of humor: you know your partner better than anyone, so, you know their sense of humor and how they respond to jokes and dirty questions. This game is great if your partner is willing to participate – it creates some good laughs. But before you start asking them dirty jokes, first gauge their personality.

Personality: some people just don’t like being asked dirty questions, can you blame them? Of course not, everyone has their own comfort level. But this is for you to judge on your own. If you’re with friends, you’ll have no problem asking these dirty questions, but if this is the first date, well, air on the side of caution.

Relationship: this is a huge component when it comes to Would You Rather Dirty Version. If you’re playing this game with your parents, you’re probably not going to ask them dirty questions. However, if you’re playing this game with close friends or your partner, you’ll be able to let loose. Just make sure you gauge the relationships and what you’re able to ask them.

So, now that you know how and when to play Would You Rather, it’s time to figure out what you’re going to ask them. Of course, you can come up with your own Sexual Would You Rather questions (dirty questions game), but if you need some inspiration or can’t think of how to start the game off, here are some questions that’ll help you keep the game going. Remember, they have to reciprocate and ask you questions as well, you can’t be the only one doing the work!

1. Would you rather be able to orgasm every ten minutes for the rest of your life or orgasm once a year?

2. If you were single, would you rather have a bunch of different sex partners or just on sex buddy?

3. Let’s say we were playing a game of Truth or Dare with other couples, would you rather watch me make out with someone or would you prefer having to make out with someone in front of me?

4. Would you rather have anal sex with me or get penetrated by another friend?

5. Would you rather lose your sense of touch during sex or lose your sense of taste during sex?

6. Would you rather have sex with the lights on or the lights off?

7. Would you rather give up your promotion or sleep with your boss to get a promotion? Or would you rather give up your promotion or have me sleeping your boss for a promotion?

8. Would you rather get a sensual massage with butter or maple syrup?


9. Would you rather make love with me on a beach or in a Jacuzzi?

10. Would you rather walk in on your parents having sex or have your parents walk in on you having sex?

11. Would you rather go down on me for two hours straight without a break or give your crush a kiss on the lips?

12. Would you rather end a great first date with a passionate kiss or first date sex?

13. Would you rather watch porn next to me or read an erotic novel out loud while you’re touching me?

14. Would you rather be naked once in public or never be nude?

15. Would you rather be completely hairless (yes, literally every part of your body) or be completely covered in hair?

16. Would you rather wrestle naked in a swimming pool of jello or in a swimming pool of chocolate pudding?

17. Would you rather have morning sex or night sex?

18. Would you rather have sex while someone really hot is watching you or would you rather watch someone have sex in front of you?

19. Would you rather take a bubble bath with me or a steamy shower?

20. Would you rather let me sleep with your best friend or your arch enemy?

21. Would you rather fart while having sex or burp while kissing?

22. Would you rather have period sex with me or a golden shower where I pee all over you?

23. Would you rather receive amazing oral sex from me or okay sex with me this week?

24. Would you rather let your partner sleep with your best friend or sleep with your partner’s best friend?

25. Would you rather accidentally send a dirty text to your boss or send a sexy voicemail message to your mom/dad?

26. Would you rather pay for sex or get paid for sex?

27. Would you rather cheat on me with your ex or with someone completely random?

28. If you were extremely horny and couldn’t contain yourself, would you rather have your pet lick your genitals or a complete stranger lick them?

29. Would you rather, if you had to turn yourself on, watch girl on girl or guy on guy porn?

30. Would you rather get caught cheating or catch your partner cheating?

31. Would you rather post a sex video of us online with our faces blurred or would you rather have sex in front of your closest friends?

32. Would you rather sweat profusely when having sex or always have an extremely dry mouth?

33. Would you rather have a naked picture of you become a popular internet meme or be caught on camera on a live recording?

34. Would you rather talk with me, during sex, about someone you’ve fantasized about or fantasize about it secretly in your head while having sex with me?

35. Would you rather be an occasional flasher and flash your body to a hot neighbor or be a peeper and watch neighbors who are undressing?

36. Would you rather sex a stuffed animal or a blow up?

37. Would you rather sexually take a picture of yourself or me?

Now that you have some “sexual would you rather questions”, it’s time you used them in your next game. Just remember to take into consideration your partner’s sense of humor, the time and place, their personality, and the relationship you’ve had with them. If you’re in the perfect moment to play a game of Would You Rather, then it’s time to browse through these questions and use some of them as they are perfect for guys, girls, couples and swingers. The answers will make you laugh and shock you all at the same time.

If you can, play this game with your partner (best wouldyou rather for couples) while you’re on the road, sitting at home together on the couch, or during a calm night at your campsite. The great thing about this game is that you can play it literally anywhere, anytime. All you need are some good questions to ask and then the game has started!

Let us know what questions you ask your partner during a game of Sexy Would You Rather!

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