Do You Want to Win at Weight Loss?

“Winning isn’t everything but wanting to win is.”-Vince Lombardi. Do you truly want to win at weight loss? If so, then why haven’t you? Perhaps you’ve been getting distracted. Now is the time to focus on losing weight.

Eat Fiber.

Most people do not eat enough fiber-rich foods.  That is because these foods are typically rather bland.  They can have amazing weight loss benefits though.  Try some oatmeal or sun dried apricots and watch your stomach flatten.

Get Active.

Do you hate exercise?  Most people hate the “e” word.  Try to look at it as getting active.  You can choose any type you like.  What about swimming or dancing?  The key is to get moving and do it consistently.

Self Motivate With Rewards.

All of this changing of your eating habits may be difficult and stressful.  This is where the fun part comes in.  Why not set up some rewards for yourself?  If you stick to your program, reward yourself in some way.  This will keep you going.

Keep a Food Diary.

People who are accustomed to overeating often suck down huge amounts of food.  They do this without realizing it.  A food journal shows you exactly what you are doing day by day.  Then you can modify your behavior by using the journal.  Write your feelings down too.

If you want to win at weight loss then eat more fiber.  Get extremely active by choosing a sport and committing to practice it regularly.  Give yourself rewards since you are proud of keeping your commitments.  Keep a journal of what you eat to have an accurate record.  If you do these things you’ll soon have a weight loss success story of your own.

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