Does Digital Marketing Grow Your Business?

On Small & Medium Enterprises.

Is it all about tweets, likes and views? Great way to capture attention or generate awareness or measure brand value but, has your business really grown with over a few thousand followers compared to business you did, when you had just a few hundreds. Let us ponder as a beginner in Digital Marketing:

Why is your company alive online?

Before you can answer that question, there is another question – Do you need to be alive online? If your firm’s sales representative sell toothbrush or some other low value product and you automatically believe this is a labor-intensive exercise – the revenue is directly proportional to the doors you knock, whatever the ratio the strategists say 1:10 for sales against knocks – is that not pure short sightedness? Going digital and being alive online impacts brand, client connect, employee satisfaction, awareness, reach and many more

It is not about being a giant IT company or a billion dollar multi national firm; it is how you make the most of the digital era that will determine results and revenue. 

Set those critical measurement criteria to translate digital reach to leads

Do you have anything to say?

Empower employees to share success story of that one big sale, client’s reaction, feelings, value and impact – end-to-end. Never go social if you do not have anything important to say as there is enough content already and people are using their reading time pretty judiciously now. Make sure those who are active on social media channels are not just mechanical forum posters but with a target to have some of those whom they reach out to, revert with a query or interest in any of your product to qualify as a lead

Did those important marketing messages attract new prospects?

Are you being heard?

It is not always about promoting your company’s agenda or being in people’s mind. It is genuinely about being heard. Do people sit up and listen to you or company’s marketing messages? It is what you say that invariably projects your expertise and level of involvement.

Did your subscription list shoot up and few ask for more information about your products – can these be categorized as warm leads for the next quarter?

Is it just company brand or revenue?

Any effort in training, sales campaign, branding, marketing has a short-term outcome, which can or cannot be measured in terms of revenue however the long-term impact has to be only and only revenue. The essential ingredients of a digital marketing strategy is not content or info graphic alone or key messages that cut through online clutter, it is the cycle from brand building to revenue generating that counts – nothing midway.

Digital marketing is just an advantage over caveman logic and techniques – it is a platform that now prevails in the minds of both marketers and clients. That does not erase the key piece of a deal – human side of business.

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