Does Hydrogen Peroxide Kill Cancer? Read to Find Out

Does Hydrogen Peroxide Kill Cancer? Read to Find Out

Hydrogen peroxide is a chemical compound that results from mixing 2 parts of hydrogen with two parts of oxygen. It is commonly used as a hair bleach but based on its potency it can also be used as household bleach, disinfectant or to kill mold and mildew. In fact, hydrogen peroxide 3% has been found effective in killing pathogens such as the coronavirus hence is an ideal disinfectant for metal surfaces. It may, therefore, come as a surprise that many people use hydrogen peroxide as a cancer treatment. But does this chemical really kill cancer? Read on to find out.

Does Hydrogen Peroxide Kill Cancer? Read to Find Out

Does Hydrogen Peroxide Kill Cancer? Read to Find Out

Why It Is Believed That Hydrogen Peroxide Can Cure Cancer

One of the causes of cancer is a lack of oxygen in the body. Supporters of hydrogen peroxide as a cancer treatment claim that it kills cancer cells by flooding them with oxygen. This kind of oxygen treatment has several names including hyperoxygenation therapy, oxymedicine, bio-oxidative therapy, oxidative therapy, and oxidology.

Oasis Healing Center supports the theory that hydrogen peroxide cures cancer because it increases the amount of oxygen in the body. Taking deep breaths, exercise, and fresh air are all recommended because they increase the amount of oxygen in our bodies.

Some animal studies have proven that hydrogen peroxide treatments can kill cancerous tumors. For example, this 1981 study found that delivering hydrogen peroxide to cancerous tumors through microscopic beads reduced the size of the tumors. Nevertheless, there aren’t enough human studies to prove conclusively that hydrogen peroxide can kill cancer in humans.

If you want to try curing cancer with hydrogen peroxide you should use a qualified doctor that knows the correct hydrogen peroxide recipe to administer.

Does Hydrogen Peroxide Kill Cancer? Read to Find Out

Does Hydrogen Peroxide Kill Cancer? Read to Find Out

Newer Studies Disprove Theories About Hydrogen Peroxide And Cancer

Recent studies have shown that cancer can grow just as well in an oxygenated environment. Filling cancer cells with oxygen will therefore not kill them. A 2011 research even found that hydrogen peroxide can even fuel the growth of cancer. In fact, they found that cancer cells produce their own hydrogen peroxide to aid their growth.

To make matters worse, hydrogen peroxide is toxic to human beings when ingested. 3% hydrogen peroxide can cause burns and stomach pains when swallowed. 35% hydrogen peroxide, which is used in cancer treatments, can cause inflammation of blood vessels, destruction of red blood cells, kidney failure, gas embolisms, and even death. This is according to the US Food and Drug Administration.

Key Takeaway

Hydrogen peroxide is an alternative treatment for cancer. Some patients find chemotherapy and other conventional treatments too invasive, hence their willingness to try alternative treatments. But there have not been enough studies to prove conclusively that the compound can kill cancer cells. On the contrary, it can be extremely dangerous and even fatal if ingested. If you decide to try hydrogen peroxide treatments, make sure to do so under the direction of a qualified medical professional.

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