Does Reiki Work on Cats?

How I discovered Reiki works on my cat.

Does reiki works on cats?

For the past few months I have developed an interest in reiki and have started to research and practice. I would meditate , read, do my self healing exercises and if my children would have a headache or sinus problems I would use my reiki to help them. They tell me they feel the heat and the tingling and other sensations where I lay my hands on them . This morning was very cold and my cat sounded congested when she came into my room. She came to lay down beside me and I thought how uncomfortable she sounds.I wondered if the reiki could relieve her discomfort. I placed one hand on her and gave her a short session maybe about two to three minutes . And to my delight her congestion cleared up and the darn cat stretched out went to sleep.
So now I know my reiki works just as well on humans as my cat. 

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