Don’t Allow Your Child to Become a Couch Potato

Children and adults are becoming more in tune with technology and tuning out their bodies. It can undoubtedly be a challenge to get your kid moving, but if you value the health of your child, it must be done.

Children have so much technology available today that many are missing out on exercising the body. Kids are becoming couch potatoes and growing fat as never before from non exercise. They have their Iphones, tech games and so much more that can interrupt outdoor activities and curtail exercise.   If that is happening at your house, it’s time to step in and make an exercise plan.  It can be a challenge but overtime the child will learn to enjoy physical activities.

Begin by making a list of behavior that your child is required to change and of healthy activity that he can do instead. Make sure he follows instructions. Before beginning  exercise have him move about pumping his arms up and down, tapping each foot twenty times, raising on his toes, doing arm circles. Doing these movements sends blood to parts of the body delivering fuel to the muscle.

Probably the whole family needs an exercise plan. Many activities can be done as a family. Long walks around the neighborhood or in local parks can be family fun, swimming during summer months, playing dodge ball or anything to keep the family moving is wonderful. During cold weather or rainy days a stationary bike or treadmill can be a constant source of exercise.

A Good List of Activities-potato

Instead of playing a video game, kick a football.

Instead of eating an extra snack, throw a Frisbee.

Instead of playing a CD, jump on a mini trampoline.

Instead of playing a video game, play volleyball.

Instead of texting, ride a bicycle.

Instead of watching television, play a game of hopscotch.

In the summer months have the child swim as often as possible.

If it’s raining or very cold, exercise with the workout video.

Cool Down After Exercise

After activity have your child cool down for several minutes. The body needs time to return to it’s normal heart and breathing pattern. Whatever exercise he is doing, slow down in the last several minutes. Otherwise he may have dizziness or muscle cramps. It will also bring his temperature back to normal.

Be sure to let anyone know about the health program who supervises your child and have them insist the child follow instructions. Make a copy of the plan for her use. It is a challenge to get a child moving with so many indoor activities that require no body movement.  But it is certainly worth the effort.

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