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Stop Drug Abuse

The longer the person has been taking drugs or abusing alcohol, a hard it will be to quit and get control of themselves once again.

11, Friends, and Why I Oppose The Legalization of Drugs

A short and personal commentary.

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How to Treat a Highly Intoxicated Person

If you find yourself near or around a person that is highly intoxicated and you are not sure what to do, then here is a handy guide to help you take control of the situation.


Ways to Recover From Drug Abuse

There is help with this disease.. you can’t do it alone. Read on..

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Societal Effect of Drug Addiction and How to Curb The Problem

Perhaps no time, other than now, is more appropriate for a thorough examination of the whole problem of drugs and the addict in the modern society. Drugs are legally intended for the promotion of good health. But when they are used for purposes other than this accepted function, the resulting action is defined as an abuse of drugs. The abuse involves taking overdoses of certain drugs, smoking and in some cases, the application of some liquid from the drug sources to either the eyes or the nose.


Drug Abuse and Treatment

Almost everyone have taken a psychoactive drug at some time, it may have been caffeine in a soda or a cup of tea. So at what point do we cross the line into drug abuse?


Drug Addiction

In American Society, drug abuse has become a major psychological problem. Millions of Americans depend so heavily on drugs that they hurt themselves
Physically, socially, and psychologically.


Parents and Siblings Against Substance Abuse (Pasasa)

All to often we see and hear of another young adult who as overdosed and parents and or siblings who are dealing with the aftermath. PASASA is a title that has two meanings ,parents and sibilings against substance abuse, and we need to"pasasa" law to protect our youth.


Self Hypnosis and Overcoming Addiction - Can This Method Set You Free?

There is not much that can be felt more helpless than the spiral of addiction.

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Drugs and Teenagers: What to Do?

In societies around the world, the drug appears to be a fairly significant problem……