Eczema – Sure Treatements for Eczema

Eczema is a genetic condition. We are born with a gene that can cause eczema in our body. There is no cure for eczema. What we can do is to treat eczema as soon as a flare-up occurs. What treatments can give sure relief and what are our treatment objectives? Let us discuss.

Eczema- treatment objectives

What are our objectives when we treat eczema? Our first objective is always to find out the triggers and never allow them to flare up eczema. If after making all efforts in stopping flare up, you fail, you may get eczema, you have to treat it with these objectives- quick reliefs from the eczema, stopping itching, and increasing the time gap between flare ups. Itching is one of the main problems with eczema. If you can control itching, you will scratch less and that reduces eczema or does not allow it increase. Other symptoms such as reddish skin and blisters have to be resolves as soon as possible. If eczema appears on face, this becomes a major issue. Increasing time gap between successive flare-ups will give more time to get some peace. Let us find out how we can achieve these objectives.

Eczema- treatment options

The first treatment is skin care of the patient. Moisturizing skin is very important, whether you have eczema or it has resolved. Dry skin causes flare-ups. Moisturize the skin with a perfume free moisturizer. Perfume may cause irritation. Find out a moisturizer that has minimum preservatives. As preservatives also cause irritation and flare ups. Moisturize as often as possible and keep skin supple. Moisturize within three minutes of talking bath. Avoid hot water baths. Use warm water. Don’t take bath for long. Avoid any irritating clothing. Use pure cotton for clothing. Wear lose clothes. Tight clothes can irritate more. Avoid excess sweating and heat. This was about basic care. Now let us find out about the medications.

Eczema- medications

Many new medications are now available for treatment of eczema. Despite all the new products, steroids are still considered as the first choice. Steroids have to be used carefully. Use low potency steroids and as soon as you find out that the eczema is resolving reduce the potency further and after that stop using them. Excess use of steroids can make the skin thin. Excess use also reduces the effectiveness of steroids. If you develop secondary bacterial infection, your doctor may prescribe antibiotics. Please note that all these medications should be taken under strict medical supervision. To know more about other latest medications for eczema, please click here- Atopic Dermatitis: Treatment

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