Egypt’s Military Claims to Have Found a Cure for Aids

Whether AIDS can be alleviated?? will this tool work? what if?

Egypt claimed the military found a tool able to detect and cure AIDS and Hepatitis c. in fact they only took one semester in order to wipe out the disease.
The Daily Mail reported Monday (30/6), Egypt’s armed forces pledged would unveil the technology next week. This claim was considered to be the most bizarre of the Nile that Country’s military. At a news conference today head of army technical Agency said this discovery could detect HIV, hepatitis, and various other types of viruses without having to take a blood sample. This tool actually cleanses the blood they contracted the disease.
Scientists and citizens of Egypt that tool when the uproar had not verified properly. Hepatitis C has 10 percent of the population and this includes the highest universal. “This tool is still required further examination before being released to the public,” said one doctor at the military hospital in the capital city of Cairo.
The Director of the Department of health of the armed forces major general Gamal el Serafy says doctors Middle test tool it on 80 patients with hepatitis c. They would tell the result next Monday.


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