Expand Your Rib-cage?


Hi everyone. Have you people ever thought of expanding your rib-cage? You definitely can if you are less than 30 years of age. There is an exercise that expands your rib-cage and it is called the Pullovers. But why should you expand your rib-cage? A big rib-cage can create more than enough space for your heart and lungs so that you can increase your lung capacity easily. Normally, aerobic exercises cause the lungs to expand which in turn expands the rib-cage but this may not be that beneficial because your rib-cage expands only to the extent the lungs expand which does not create extra space for the lungs but just expands with it. So are you now clear of the things? Let’s start doing some pullovers. This is how pullovers are done-

Always consume some calcium before this workout so that the body can repair and create new cells.

Starting and ending positions.

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