Eye Puffiness be Gone!

Some simple, easy and cheap tricks to reducing those puffy eyes.

1. Massage under eyes

Start by taking your pointer finger and massaging just below the eye in the middle. Not too hard, just a medium pressure, using small circular motions. Do this for about three minutes. After that, massage the pressure point on the outter corner of your eye as well to reduce and prevent crows feet.

2. Something cold

You can either use cucumber slices, a cold spoon, nourishing pads for the eyes, used green tea bags from the fridge, potato slices, cotton pads soaked in milk, etc. I like to lay down with the cold back of the spoon over my eyes while I wait for my morning tea to be done. After I’m done with the tea bags, I save them in the fridge for the following morning to use on my eyes, or later on in the day. The caffeine from the green tea helps wake up your eyes as well.

3. Sleeping

Try your best to not sleep with your face smooshed into the pillow and get some optimal rest.

There are many products out there that claim to get rid of eye circles, puffiness, etc. But I have yet to find any that really work or don’t clog my pores. The things I use above have worked the best and are relatively cheap or free. Hope this helps!

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