Facts About Early Cultural Marriages Effects on Youth

Early Teenage Pregnancy.

In the present era, early marriages are commonly practiced by our community due to some societal factors. There are two common and major reasons that make this problem unstoppable. First is the teenage romantic affair which results to early pregnancy. Second is the cultural belief of every race in a particular nation or state.

Some research studies conceptually conclude that, early marriage of young girls and boys damages the apprehension and enjoyment or happiness of virtually every right of these youngsters. The adolescents who are in not ready for marital stage of life and the imposition of their younger partner is such a big burden for their sudden early marriage. This kind of marriage will be depriving them from their most desired freedom, and opportunity for developing their self, attitude, physical and personal characteristic. Primarily, it has big impact on their rights. These include their participation in the community or civic life, education, well-being development and health.

Unless legal actions by the authority are issued to address early marriage, it will remain to be a great hindrance that keeps on blocking the progress and achievement of human rights. If every nation would continue to practice their culture and beliefs about promoting early marriage is very important to them, then the rapid growth of population will be unstoppable.

In some societal studies have shown factual basis and proven their conclusions. It is hoped that government will be developing a law for Anti–Early Marriage, and would advocate regarding in empowering children’s and women’s right and giving incentive for a campaign to prevent early marriage and end the silent depression and misery of millions of young girls in every nation all over the world, to open up new hope for their future and horizons for them that contributes to the development of policies for the good of our community towards progress.

Specifically, in some particular religion and cultural beliefs, girls are still getting married earlier than expected and many start having children while they are still in their teens and schooling as well.  This is a threat to their health and their emotional condition; maternal mortality is unacceptably very high and the greatest endangerment is to the youngest women whose body capability is not yet fully developed for pregnancy.  Early marriage is just a hindrance to their education and in some productive opportunities; it is a threat to their health and in their reproductive growth stage. Definitely, it is extremely risky and highly unsafe for both mother and baby. For adolescent girls, they are absolutely unprepared for childbirth physically, mentally and emotionally.

The alarming threat of early marriage is very clear. But in some point, there is still a hope in slowing the rapid growth of population. Some researchers would like to call the attention of the government to implement laws that will protect the youth and especially to the rights of young women.  The common aim of these laws should be to defend the rights of the youth and make early marriage unacceptable in our community in a social as well as in legal sense, to men and to women; and to promote actions that will enhance their physical and mental development of young girls and boys and their human rights as a whole. 

Every individual should be responsible; we should promote an atmosphere in which couples are free to make choices, letting them enjoy their maturity stage, and to wait until they are ready for marriage.  We should all work together improving legislation and support good education for the youth. I strongly believe that, we should achieve these goals.

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