Facts for Parents on Autism & Vaccine Safety From The AAP

AAP understands that parents may have concerns about their children vaccinated. Vaccines are one of the most successful of all the medical advances time. The vaccine’s safety is of great importance for pediatricians and AAP that ongoing research and increased funding support in this issue area. In addition, the AAP supports further research into the causes of autism.
The following information is to help parents and caregivers to understand some of the issues, and asked questions surrounding this topic often.

What is autism?

1) Autism is not a disease specific, but rather a group of disorders

The growth of the brain called the “autism spectrum disorders,” or ASDs.


2) studies suggest that the incidence of autism has risen. This may be due to a combination of factors, the apparent increase in autism. For example, are included more and more behaviors and disorders in the definition of ASD than in the past. Also, the public and the medical profession to recognize these disorders more often.

3) According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),

About 1 in 160 children have ASD.

4) Although discussed several theories, the cause or causes of autism are unknown.

5) has autism and a strong genetic basis. Currently connected to about 10 percent of cases with genetic conditions such as fragile X or syndromes and Prader Ala-. According to a study conducted in January 2008, other researchers have discovered a genetic mutation can form in the top 1 percent in the other cases, the risk of autism.

Being 6) more research each year in an attempt to identify the causes and improve efforts to prevent, diagnose and treat ASDs. Leading experts in the country in pediatric neurology, genetics, and other fields are moving closer to answers about this group of disorders.

7) Early diagnosis is crucial. Must pediatricians screen all children for any ASDs in 18 to 24 months. It should also be listening carefully to the parents about the child’s development. AAP members with education and provides comprehensive tools to help them with all of the diagnosis and follow-up. Parents are the most reliable sources of information.

When a child is diagnosed with ASD, and must be given to information and support for family and caregivers of children. The child should be involved in autism intervention programs as soon as possible to get the most benefit.

What is mitochondrial disease?

A recent case that was awarded compensation by the federal vaccine compensation involving children who suffer from mitochondrial disease or mitochondrial disorder program injuries. The case has raised questions about the so-called environmental may bring on or worsen symptoms similar to autism in children who suffer from these diseases, disorders.

Mitochondria necessary for the cells produce energy that is functioning normally. There are a number of genetic diseases that cause less mitochondria of cells to produce the energy needed. Symptoms of these disorders can be very mild or very severe. In some disorders, but the symptoms do not develop for many years. Some of the scarcity of mitochondrial disorders affecting the brain and cause a worsening neurological symptoms with the passage of time. In many cases, an event that requires more energy, such as infection, fever or any other disease, can lead to the development of symptoms.

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