Ferdinand Marcos Best President That The Philippines Had

A different perspective for a president called a dictator.

Ferdinand Marcos was the president of the Philippines for more than 20 years. For the young generation, his achievements and what is known of him only exists in history books and on video documentaries. First hand experience of Marcos governance, however can be best describe by the older generation who lived during his era.

He is unpopular to people today because broadcast media had shown documentaries that tackles human rights violations when president Marcos declared Martial Law. There was no press freedom, curfew is strictly enforced and the military could arrest you for the simple suspicion of being a communist insurgent. Dubbed as a dictator, he was forced to step down after the Filipino populace marched on the streets. An act more popularly known as the People Power.

If we are to focus on his achievements, those twenty years of Marcos regime is seen by many as the golden age of Philippine history. Agriculture, which is the source of economic growth in the country is strong enough to feed a population of 50 million people. The Philippines was a rice exporter to other countries rather than an importer. When it comes to military power, the Philippines was the number one in Asia. It had enough strength to guard its territories with modern equipments that outweighs neighboring countries. As a matter of fact, the Philippines had resorted to bilateral talks with China when it comes with territorial disputes, unlike now where it prefers a multilateral talk with ASEAN members and China. That’s how strong the Philippines was. Education together with good nutrition was also given priority for the Filipino Youth. The Philippines had feeding programs in public schools which includes the distribution of a bread called Nutribun to augment the need for nutrition among the youth. With enough textbooks, classrooms and number of teachers, the Philippines is at par when it comes to education.

With his achievements and contributions to the country while serving as president, I can safely say that he is still the best president the the Philippines had. 

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