Because Marijuana, Seeds Taxable Cancer Pubic So Easy

Marijuana habit not only affects the nervous system in the brain, but also the level of fertility. Because marijuana smoke can make sperm factory that is located in the testicle so two times more likely to get cancer.

Increased risk of testicular cancer or testicle is not only experienced by marijuana addicts. Even that only occasionally sucking or in the recreational category also increased risk similar to those already addicted.

Prof. Victoria Cortessis, PhD, ascientist from the Keck School of Medicine proved that after observing 163 young adult men are diagnosed testicular cancer. History of cannabis useon the participants noted, and compared with 292 men healthy young adults.

The result, as already mentioned, participants who had a history of marijuana have an increased risk of testicular cancer by 2-fold. Did not say how much, but said that the participants smoked marijuana just for fun or recreational.

In that study, type of testicular cancer risk is increased due to the use of cannabis is non-seminoma tumor cells and mixed-germ. Both attacked the younger group and mentioned more dangerous than the type of seminoma.

Although germ cells or germ cells will not get cancer if straight off, this will greatly affect a man’s fertility. Especially because it strikes ata relatively young age, the most concern is the risk of infertility.

“We did not know what sparked by marijuana in the testicles so that it could be cancer, but we suspect marijuana works through the endocannabinoid system,” says Prof. Cortessis a study published in the journal Cancer, as quoted by Medindia on Monday (09/10/2012).

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