Brain Tumor Survival: How to Starve a Brain Tumor

People with brain tumors live life in and out of hospitals, fighting the cancer that threatens to take their lives. Living with a brain tumor can be especially difficult for a child.

Brain tumor survival sometimes seems an unlikely event for persons affected by this type of illness. A brain tumor is usually deadly, and the chances of survival are small.

Persons may experience brain tumor pain in the form of a moderate to severe headache. Brian tumor pain may also be experienced in areas where there is no tumor, such as the neck.

A Brain Tumor-Image via Wikipedia

Brain tumor support groups have their hands full with providing meaningful encouragement and support to families of persons living with a brain tumor.

A metastatic brain tumor starts when another tumor elsewhere in the body sends cancer cells through the bloodstream, lymphatic system, or adjacent tissues to other parts of the body, such as the brain. Most brain tumors are metastatic brain tumors.

Participants Gathered for a Brain Tumor Walk-Image by Kevin Krejci via Flickr

Favorable Brain Tumor Prognosis Ahead

A favorable brain tumor prognosis may soon be a reality for a greater number of patients than it has been in the past, when figuring out how to treat a brain tumor effectively was an enigma for doctors and researchers. Doctors often use a combination of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation to fight a brain tumor.

New Research Shows Doctors How to Starve a Brain Tumor

Researchers at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital recently discovered that all cells in a brain tumor are not the same. In fact, there is a core group of cells-the cancer stem cells-that give rise to all the cells in the tumor. Cancer stem cells are also known as CSCs.

The researchers have found that by killing the blood vessels close to the brain tumor stem cells, they can cut off the cancer stem cells’ source of fuel. Killing the blood vessels would effectively starve the brain tumor.

Brain Tumor Gliobastoma(Aggressive Brain Tumor)-Image via Wikipedia

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  23. according some researches, Brain Tumor can caused by emission vehicles that contain Lead(Pb)

  24. Hopefully brain tumor will soon be a thing of the past.

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  26. A very informative article. I know at least two people who had this. Both are still well but have to make regular visits to their doctors.

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  28. Starve the brain tumor, this is completely new to me. Hope there is more medical breakthrough to cure the patients entirely.

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  37. This is welcome news! Yesterday I heard on a BBC program about Nano particles which do almost a similar function of starving tumor cells! Great work here friend!

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    It is a dangerous procedure. The methods used to treat cancer and tumors all carry a certain degree of risk, since doctors are attacking a part of the body in order to save another part.

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  49. Nice article, the main problem here is that we have gone away from looking after the land properly and the waterways.
    The use of pesticides within our foods and polluted water is the main cause of the majority of these diseases. The earth is capable of immense healing when we ourselves begin to put into place structures within society that clear toxins from our land and waterways, and therefore our food and our bloodstreams. Cancer is and should not be a challenge we set ourselves the purification of our food supplies and natures acient healing is the cure.

  50. Nice article, the main problem here is that we have gone away from looking after the land properly and the waterways.
    The use of pesticides within our foods and polluted water is the main cause of the majority of these diseases.

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