Can You Die From a Broken Heart?

Can love kill a person?

We have all heard the song, “Achey Breaky Heart”.  But could that metaphorical expression be true in a literal sense?  In other words, could a “broken heart” lead to real health risks?  The answer is astoundingly yes.  A broken heart can lead to depression which could lead to poor eating habits and low immunity.  Statistics show that people who are more optimistic tend to outlive those who are always cynical and negative about the world.  The unhealthiest thing you can do is to continue to weep in sorrow over you and your girlfriend breaking up.  As rapper Jay-Z would say, “I have 99 problems but a girl ain’t one.”  There are plenty of women out there who are looking for a guy like you.  Now if you’re a very unlikable guy with a personality that drives everyone away, then perhaps you should do something to fix that.

This article is for women too.  Do not feel like you’re lost without a man.  Women are strong, smart individuals.  They don’t need a man to do everything for them.  You don’t need to lean on a man’s shoulder every time you need help.  God gave you a brain for a reason.  Obsessing over some guy is a sign that you’re a person who refuses to let go of things.

Remember that the world will continue whether you’re in a relationship or not.  The world will not stop just because you locked yourself in your room to cry about your ex dumping you.  Pick up that phone, make some calls, and schedule some dates.  Or head over to some public events to find some nice people have sex with.  Weeping and crying will hurt your body tremendously.  Never let yourself get to a point where you have reached rock bottom in self confidence.  No matter how bad you feel, always find a way to bounce yourself back up.  Don’t let one person give you a bad impression that all girls or all guys are like your ex.

It is possible to die from a broken heart.  Some people can fix their broken hearts faster than others.  But you never want a broken heart to lead to real physical health problems.  When it gets to that point, maybe you need to reconsider what is really important in your life.

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