Can You Sleep Too Much

Sleeping too much might pose a danger to you about as much as not getting enough sleep.

It cannot really be disputed that a good night sleep is essential to functioning throughout the day. It allows us to remain alert, focused, and not fly off the handle about things that will annoy us rather easy. Most experts agree that anywhere from six to eight hours of sleep is something that is essential but is there such a thing is sleeping too much? Can sleeping too much really make us about as, if not more tired than not receiving any sleep at all?

The Downside of Getting a Bit Too Much Sleep.


There is such a thing as being well rested after a nice long sleep. There will be times where we may need to sleep a bit longer than the recommended six to eight hours of sleep per night. For reasons of our health however, it is unwise to do this unless you are ill, as rest will often be the best medicine.

However getting more than eight hours of sleep, especially when upwards to ten and more in a row, will cause your body to have a surplus of energy. A good thing when you are ill as you need a bit more energy to function, due to any coughing fits or fevers your body might run. This is not as good of a thing though when you are rather healthy. It is much like plugging one too many appliances in a plug. There is a surplus of energy working that could cause what you are trying to accomplish to not work at optimal performance.

The same thing is true with a lesser extent with sleep. If you have ever slept for a long amount of time and woke up, feeling about as tired as you might if you had only slept for a couple of hours, it is because you have too much energy and your body has experienced an overload affect.

The most optimal time to sleep is between the houses of ten at night to around six in the morning. It may be hard for those who work on second and third shifts to sleep during these hours, but for the best results and the least amount of fatigue, this is when one may want to fit in a regular, fixed sleep schedule.

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  1. Good information. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea about a year ago, but am sleeping a lot better now because of the bipap machine I now have.

  2. Interesting. Never thought oversleeping could be harmful…

  3. Good information.

  4. I probably run on between 5 and 7 during the week then sleep for most of Saturday…that seems to work although I’m dead on my feet by Friday anyway!

  5. I know I feel worse when I over sleep. Good article.

  6. You have made a good point. It is impractical to oversleep for me. And I agree with Kristine’s comment, I feel sick when I oversleep…

  7. You’ve smashed it again.

  8. I agree with you. It is my personal experience that oversleeping can make me less energetic. Moderate amount of sleep makes me more alert and active during the day.

  9. Sleeping too much, I will have headache.

  10. Well, what can i say!

  11. get a head ache if i sleep more :)

  12. This is very true. Too much of anything is not good enough like the song says. 6-8 hours of sleep is good enough. Some people need a little more rest than others.

  13. though 10 to 6 is right but with so much happening on dishes, internet it is difficult to follow. i think they want us to be sleepless.

  14. I like this article.. it was nice reading an article From yu….. <3
    I HOPE I get to read more articles from you too in the future…:)
    and I hope you too do Comment in my articles. :p

    see ya later. n keep touch
    Mr arrogant.


  15. Very nice

  16. A great article here friend!

  17. nope

  18. Sleep deprivation is my constant enemy due to lack of enough time to do all errands. And finally, when I decide to sleep more than usual, I oversleep and I feel even worse. So unfair!

  19. Good information.

  20. Thanks for the information.

  21. I am sleeping more

  22. some of us are sleep walking

  23. I agree.

    Sometimes I sleep too much then go 24 hours without sleep.

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