Create a Bedtime Routine


Create a bedtime routine early

After having a baby, Mrs. certainly not a good night sleep again. Because the baby intermittently awake. But when Mother gently adhere to familiarize your baby a good sleep schedule, of course he will get used to, and I’ll be well rested.

Create this routine since infants aged 6 to 8 weeks where baby is already able to physically sleep through the night without disturbing the sleep time mother.

Regular naps

In addition to getting your baby to sleep at the right time, the amount of sleep is also noteworthy. Set just a short nap and sleep through the night enough. Try to learn how long it takes your baby to sleep. Remember, do not be afraid to wake him when the mother realized she was too old.

The difference of day and night

Introduce baby night and day difference, helping to create a good sleep routine. Create competitive days are bright, sunny, lively and fun. Even when he naps, do not keep the house quiet atmosphere. So he knows that it is during the day where he slept for a while, the rest to play.

Conversely at night, create quiet atmosphere and just turn on the lights to sleep.


Setting up a baby to sleep

Some of the following, might make the baby sleep comfortably:

• Bathe your baby with warm water and take a minute to play as the initial decrease in the intensity of activity before sleep.

• he put the clothes soft and comfortable bed (try from cotton that is easy to absorb sweat).

• Dim the lights nursery and gently caress your baby.

• Play a song or sing lullabies, or read a story in a low voice.

• Give her a kiss before bed and let him sleep with her ​​favorite toy.

How When Baby Crying?

Babies are able to fall asleep on its own when he was tired from crying. But you certainly do not have the heart to let him cry. If your baby will start to whine when left, try to calm her down.

Gently caress your baby and say “goodnight, love you mom.” Wait a minute until he recently left his room asleep. Although however, the presence of Mother, of course make your baby calm when going to sleep.

Each mother and baby is different, so do not be frustrated if the first routine is not running as expected. Try and be patient. Do what works best for mother and baby.

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