Desk-ercises: How to Keep Fit and Fabulous at Your Desk!

How we desk-slaves can stay HALE and HEARTY - when sitting for hours makes us PALE and LARDY..

Desks are dangerous!

Research reveals that secretarial spread is the least of our worries!

While high incidences of obesity amongst those who sit for extended periods of time may not be considered earth shattering news - the 54% increased risk for disabling injury and life-threatening illness ought to catch ones attention!

Considering that the global population is becoming more and more sedentary at a faster and faster pace - and that more occupations are sitting than walking? It does not bode well!

Quality of life will go down. Productivity will go down. Medical costs will skyrocket!

And, just to darken an already bleak prognosis? Caloric intake and after-hours fitness programs have very little impact on the long-term effects of long-term sitting! This is attributed to the fact that immobile muscles become less and less efficient at metabolizing fat and sugar - which, over time - promotes life threatening illnesses such as high cholesterol, diabetes, and heart disease!

All is not lost, however! Happily, knowledge is power!

Here are a few ‘desk-ercises’ to help us ‘desk-slaves’ stay hale and hearty - even when sitting for hours makes us pale and lardy…

  • Take Frequent Breathing Breaks:  Walk, stretch, breathe…walk, stretch, breathe…repeat. Every hour for 5 to 10 minutes! Get that blood moving, get that heart pumping, get those muscles working! Breathing properly is a lost art!

  • Sit Up and Take Notice:  Did you know that the average human head weights ten pounds? And - that holding it forward just 2 inches triples it’s weight? Now think about the damage that simple lack of alignment can do to ones neck, back, and shoulders over time!

Here’s how to TEST your desk posture: Place a light book on your head. If it falls - you’re out of alignment and could easily wind up with a disabling overuse injury! Your posture can make you - or literally - break you!



  • And, Finally - A Couple Great Options:


These are just a few tips and ideas to help keep you informed of the risks - and the many ways to become proactive in your own health and welfare!

Please - sit up and take notice!

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to help you work smarter and stay ’sitting pretty’ longer

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  1. I liked this
    Thanks to the sweet advice

  2. We all need to be reminded… Thanks, ImKarn23… for the share!
    Good article with humor, and photos are helpful to teach exercises:)

  3. Thank you. I get up out of the deak whenever there is a reason to do it.

  4. Great share indeed! It helps so much..I think.

  5. Great information to share!

  6. Thanks for the great tips. I used to work outside in high school, but now I am stuck behind a desk. Great Tips!!!


  7. The exercises are really a good suggestion, but do employers permit permit to do them for real? I don’t know, never worked in an office.

  8. I think a lot of people subscribe to the Robert Hutchins philosophy. He was the President of The University of Chicago who eliminated all sports at the University. He said, “When I feel the urge to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” I’m not that bad but I still do npot exercise enough.

  9. Where I worke, we had manditory stretch times.

  10. I like this because every since my husband retired from his job he has been joining different businesses on the computer. He sits for hours at a time. And complains about, headaches, back- aches and tired eyes. I am always telling him to get up after two hours and walk around and stretch. I am going to tell him what I have read from your article.

  11. Great share! It helps so much..I think.

  12. nice share. like it

  13. he he..the last option(pic) can be tried by the triond community ;)
    good tips..the walk..stretch…breathe thing is really practical and sound advice…good show!

  14. great sharing

  15. :) The last photo is priceless!! What a smart idea - gotto get me one of them.

  16. Great tips. Fortunately I do not work and thus, my desk time is very limited…

  17. I like the bottom photo - funny!

  18. Great article. I try to get up and move around every 50 minutes. Sitting too long is no good.

  19. Good one here. I do like the way you’ve presented the info to make it more readable.

  20. Thanks, friends! Your comments are so welcome and encouraging!

  21. Great share!

  22. Great idea! I am bookmarking this one.

  23. Great article.

  24. Good article, I bet most of us could use more exercise. I read somewhere that Ernest Hemmingway had his typewriter on a table or desk that that was so tall he had to stand up to use it. I’ll bet something like that would help a lot too.

  25. Now you just need to write about exercises that can be done in bed, and you’ll have my undivided attention. LOL. I swear I did not mean that in a naughty way.

  26. I got one of those stretchy elastic things from my physio and can sit at my desk exercising my lower leg and ankle muscles with it.

  27. Great Post, Thank you!

  28. Let’s not mention that desktops and keyboards can be microbe havens

  29. Why hasn’t anyone invented The Desk that doubles up as a gym yet? Damn, just made some inventor out there rich!

  30. Really interesting. Actually the wife and I have started Juicing and have made a commitment to dust off the treadmill and stationary bike ….. starting tomorrow. HA HA !

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