Five Ways to Stay Healthy for The Holidays

Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, or Winter Solstice, you want to be healthy for the holidays. Discover five easy ways to stay healthy for the holidays and enjoy.

5 Ways to Stay Healthy for the Holidays

No one wants to be sick for the holidays. It doesn’t matter what you celebrate, you simply don’t want to be a sniffling, feverish, coughing mess this time of year. 

You can avoid getting sick and truly enjoy your holiday celebrations; here’s how:

5 Ways to Stay Healthy for the Holidays

Stay Warm

As the weather changes from fall to winter, many of us do not change to the proper outer clothing. Be prepared by making sure your winter coats, boots, hats, and gloves are good to go before you need them. Then be diligent about wearing them appropriately. Check your local weather for the day before you set foot out the door and you will be cozy and warm all winter long. 

If you are an energy saver like me, you may also want to throw an extra blanket or two on the bed for those bitterly cold nights; you’ll be glad you did. 

Of course you could just snuggle up to your favorite guy or girl - you’ll both be warm and the intimacy rewards are certainly worth the hassle of figuring out how to fit together comfortably. 

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Get Your Vitamins

You don’t have to bother remembering to take a multivitamin every day if you simply get your vitamins naturally. Make sure to eat plenty of healthy protein, fruits, and vegetables to maintain a healthy diet. Your body will thank you by keeping you healthy all holiday season long. 

Click HERE to discover why eating 6 times daily can help you stay healthy and lose weight. 

Get A Flu Shot

Getting a yearly flu shot can help you stave the nasty flu that always seems to make you sick at all the wrong times (think of all those holiday parties you’ve missed because you just couldn’t crawl out of bed). Doctors especially recommend a yearly flu shot for the elderly and children; you don’t want to miss a holiday party because the kid is sick either. 

Avoid Sharing Germs with Others

If you can help it, stay away from others who are sick. Sharing is fun but not when it comes to colds and flu. Certain situations may require you to have contact with people who are sick; however you can help avoid catching (whatever it is they have) by washing your hands regularly, staying away from the cough zone, and generally minimizing interaction until they feel better. 

Feeling Under the Weather - Nip It Quick

If you begin to show signs of a cold or the flu, you must be sure to nip it quick.

Keep tissues on hand and use them

Stock up on yummy chicken soup and eat it

Increase your vitamin C intake 

Rest - your body needs down time to fight the cold or flu - taking 24 hours to rest could save you days of being miserably stuck in bed while your friends and family enjoy the holidays.

Buy an over the counter cold/flu remedy and take it. NyQuil works well, as does Robitussin and Sudafed. 

The bottom line is that you don’t want to miss your holiday celebrations because of sickness. Use any or all the above to avoid getting sick and enjoy your holidays!

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