Good News for Heart Patients

Many patients are afraid to have sex after a heart attack. But the good news is that it’s no more risky than walking up two flights of stairs. Get the okay from your doctor though. You might need to go through a cardiac rehabilitation program. Most heart attack patients do not, and can resume sex in as little as a week. But be on the safe side and talk to your doctor.

The results of a new study is in. The surprising fact is that despite the higher risk of heart patients having a second heart attack, there’s no evidence that having sex makes them any more likely to have a second heart attack than those who have never had heart problems. It’s good news for heart attack patients. If you can walk up two flights of stairs without chest pain or gasping, you’re good to go. The Heart Association says having sex only slightly raises the chance of heart attack for those with and without heart issues.

Many heart patients fear that sex will cause a second heart attack or sudden death, yet they think nothing of climbing two flights of stairs. A report from Dr. Glenn Levine, professor of medicine at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston says, sex is something doctors should bring up with their patients. Yet few do because they are uncomfortable talking about it or they lack information. Levine said the new guidance is designed to fill that gap.

All heart attack patients should get a doctors okay before continuing sexual activity. They might be advised to do cardiac rehabilitation to improve strength and increase physical fitness. The Heart Association says most heart patients will be cleared to resume sex. Those who are most at risk of having a second heart attack are older men having affairs with younger women in unfamiliar places.

If the patient can walk up a couple of flights of stairs, sex may be okayed in as little as a week after a mild heart attack. Viagra is generally safe for erectile dysfunction with stable heart conditions. Risks for having heart attack during sex is slightly higher than for those not sexually active but this is only a small part of overall risks. Sexual activity is the cause of less than one percent of all heart attacks.

So take your best girl (or guy) out for a candle light dinner and a long romantic drive in the country. Smooch and listen to the music of your favorite artists. When you get home give her (or him) a warm. aromatic massage. And you take it from there. This is getting too personal.

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  1. I love romance so the ending is amazing! This is very good news to heart attack patients.

  2. Good news. Play safe; always consult the doctor to get an Okay.

  3. Just a week? That’s good news.

  4. Very good news

  5. Just hearing good news, is good news to heart patients.

  6. for sex, i think there must be an environment created first, cool and relaxed and enjoying, slowly getting to climax. sex in haste will always create pressure on heart even on healthy one.

  7. Thanks for sharing.

  8. ;)

  9. Should not be ashame to ask doctors about sex if you have heart problems. Just to be sure :)

  10. Any illness that may impact your sex life should be talked about openly with your Doctor. Good write up. Though Beta-Blockers can kill the libido in men.

  11. That’s good news.

  12. One less excuse for my wife to pull on me. Nice article!

  13. That’s great news, Ruby. I am sure heart patients are happy to hear this.

  14. This is a good news. Some heart attack patients should not wait for sometime in order to enjoy some moments with their espouse.

  15. Good article Ruby, of course any type of new activity after an surgery or lifestyle change should start with a counseltation, just to be on the safe side.

  16. Very good article and informative… with common sense:)

  17. We should not be ashamed to talk about our health in any form.

  18. Very well done.

  19. This is something I wouldn’t have the heart to ask my doctor about :)

  20. Good news for those with heart problems. Never be scared to ask your doctor about anything.

  21. Yes! LOL just kidding, I don’t suffer from heart-related ailments. But yes, it is a good thing to know,. And also, consulting your doctor for advice is a very good idea, too.

  22. great news and I like the picture you put

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