Heals Ovarian Cancer with Ginger

Ovarian cancer is a disease of malignant tumor cells in a woman’s ovaries. Ovarian cancer is one of the tumors, which is most often found in a woman’s reproductive organs.

Ovarian cancer is difficult to detect cancer malignancy, due to the large network in the ovary, and the complexity of function endocrine. When successfully diagnosed, the cancer has usually spread to the surrounding organs. Ovarian cancer ranks first, as a cause of death in a woman. Because, when the cancer has been detected two thirds of the detection results has entered an advanced stage. A woman, who had ovarian cancer at an advanced stage have a life expectancy of only 20% -30% within five years, and only a few are able to survive for three years. Ovarian cancer in women, who have old age, had a higher mortality rate.

However, based on the results of the study there are natural ways that can be used to cure ovarian cancer is by using ginger. Ginger can kill cancer cells that have developed in the body, and can prevent attacks an ovarian cancer in woman. Ginger can kill cancer cells in two ways that is,
- Apoptosis, ginger extract makes cancer cells commit self-destructive process.
- Autophagy, ginger extract makes cancer cells mutual eat each other.
Another benefit of ginger is able to control the inflammation caused by the impact of cervical cancer. In fact, based on the results of the study, ability of ginger to kill and suppress the growth of ovarian cancer cells is the same even better than chemotherapy. Therefore, consume ginger regularly, so that your ovarian health can be maintained.

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