How to Calculate Your Own BMI

Are you gaining weight? then first of all you need to calculate your BMI.

BMI (Body Mass Index) is the proportion of body weight in kilograms and the square of height in meters. Used to examine and evaluate the weight of a person in relation to health risks associated with obesity.

BMI = weight (kg) / height (m) 2

How best to measure and consider? It is ideal to measure yourself on an empty stomach with a weight machine on both feet, without shoes and only in your underwear. The same measure also applies for the height. Findings write and calculate your BMI using the formula. On the Internet you can find various BMI calculators, in which just enter the details and just consider the result as a table.

Optimal BMI for women ranges from 21.3 to 22.1 kg / m 2, and the men from 21.9 - 22.4 kg / m 2. Values greater than 27.3 kg/m2 for women and 27.8 kg/m2 for men is associated with risk of cardiovascular disease, hypertension or diabetes.

However, BMI can not distinguish the proportion of lean body mass and fat, so it may a bodybuilder will have a value of severe obesity and body will not have a gram of excess fat. For athletes, therefore, assessing the BMI seems to be unusable. There are opposite cases in people who have high body fat and very little muscle mass, therefore, despite a low BMI values are so-called hidden obesity.

BMI classification of health risks




18.5 to 24.9

Normal Weight


25.0 to 29.9


slightly increased

30.0 to 34.9

I. obesity Wed

moderately increased

35.0 to 39.9

obesity, second degree burns

greatly increased

over 40.0



So you can calculate your BMI and found that there is no reason to panic and if after all so, so it might not hurt to read article, click on the red X in the upper right corner, turn off the computer, refrigerator, and seal the head to the gym or at least a long walk in nature.

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