If Our Joint Feel Painful, What Disease We are Sufferring?

If in winter we often feel sore wrist, what diseases we suffer?

In winter, our wrist often feel painful, such as pain on the joints, it is clear that we are experiencing arthralgia (joint pain).

In the science of medicine, joint pain is not typical, not specific, aka have a lot of possibilities or differential diagnosis. Well, these are some possible diagnosis, among others:

1. Rheumatoid arthritis
2. Other connective tissue diseases (eg systemic lupus erythematosus or SLE, systemic sclerosis, spondyloarthropathies)
3. Reactive arthritis (eg enteropathic arthritis)
4. Hypothyroidism
5. Gout (uric acid)
6. Gonococcal bacterial infections
7. Early onset of osteoarthritis
8. Raynaud’s Phenomenon
9. Depression

To be more precise, please go to the nearest doctor. The doctor will perform anamnesis (Structured interviews) and a physical examination that will lead to a definite diagnosis. Moreover, laboratory tests are also required to further confirm it.

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Several laboratory tests can be done include: complete blood count, Average sedimentation erythrocytes (red blood cells), C-reactive protein, which normally has not a value normal, especially when there is inflammation.

There will be positive antinuclear antibodies in 90% of cases of SLE (lupus). Rheumatoid factor will show positive results in most cases of rheumatoid arthritis, a variety of diseases autoimmune, and other chronic infections. HLA-B27 will be increased in case ondyloarthropathies.

Other checks that can be recommended is the imaging / radiology, such as: photo X-rays. Uric acid levels may be increased in cases of gout. However please note, if the levels of increased uric acid in the bloodstream, but not yet have a complaint, then diagnosis is asymptomatic hyperuricaemia. More about the signs of gout you can learn in this article.

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