Jock Itch: Health Body Note

This article is designed to discuss the most common issue with athletes, the "jock itch."

What is jock itch?

In some cultures, it’s common for youngsters to start off grabbing the groin parts. But are they grabbing their groin parts because it’s a habit or an itch. Some habits of grabbing the groin, will eventually mature out of. But a groin itch, needs a cure.

A jock itch, is considered a fungus, bacteria, or yeast infection as it’s called near or around the groin area. This fungus is caused by wearing or using molded, damp, and old underwear that’s been in a locker at the gym or sport locker. When the jock decides to wear the same shorts over and over without washing can lead to the sweat, irritating “mold itch” between the legs, thighs, near pubic hair wear there’s skin and hair secretion.

This groin itch disorder is inherited for men only, hence the title, “jock itch.” This disorder can be maintained by waring fresh and loose clothing, boxers, and adding jock powder in the groin area. Some suggest that the infection stays in th groin area only, but I doubt that.  The bacteria is attracted to hair follicles and damp places, over used, over-unwashed shorts, that are fittingly close to the thighs. The bacteria could irritate areas near the thighs.

There are other ways to treat and cure this irritation. Good hygiene and wear clean shorts after heavy athletic involvement. Keep the groin area clean after the athletic involvement. You can add baby powder before and after all athletic involvement in the groin area after a shower.

Let a physician examine you to determine if the jock itch is jockey or yeast bacteria. 

There are medications, ointments, and creams that are available for the jock itch. Here are some tips: Halotex, Tinactin, baby lotion, baby powder, Lotrimin, natural anti-itch remedies, Ellagic acid in raspberries, 


and other physician assistant remedies.

English: jock itch on inner thigh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Photo of Jock Itch around the inner thigh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

THIGHS (Photo credit: marc falardeau)

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