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Acidity keep Vagina

Structure of the female genitalia are distinctive. Vaginal canal is always open to the outside world so that it always has a risk of infection from outside. However, dour atmosphere that forms at the mouth of the vaginal canal and the position of the vaginal canal is always in the closed condition causing germs are not all managed to enter it.

The dour atmosphere created by the presence of germs Döderlein living in harmony with the body. This dour atmosphere should not be omitted. Acidity of the vagina can be lost with diligent practice soaping pussy in excess, wear deodorant sprays vagina (douching), or the use of other chemicals.

Preventing Urinary Tract Infection

Lower urinary tract women are shorter than men so the closer position to the outside world. When the surface of the genitalia or vulva always less clean, well water caused cebok, underwear, former menstrual blood, the mouth of the urinary tract, where discharge of urine, easily polluted germs.

Urinary tract infections estuary (urethritis) causes inflammation with wrenching pain symptoms each time urination. If the condition is severe, it may also occur the urine mixed with blood that looks like dishwater meat.

Lower urinary tract infections are frequently repeated contact may spread up into the upper urinary tract, then go up to the bladder (kistitis). If this condition is left unchecked, infection can occur in the upper tract, the kidneys (nephritis). Kidney infections can end up with kidney damage and eventually kidney failure.

Cebok the wrong direction could be the cause of the infection. Cebok right should be done from the front (pubic) backwards (rectum / anus). Otherwise, any germs that many are in rectum will carry over into the urinary or vaginal canal.

Mushrooms overcome Groin

When there is a fungal infection of the groin, severe itching complaints will arise. This fungus is a fungus causes vaginal discharge especially, Candida albicans. Infection can occur not only in the groin, but the abdominal fold, fold under the breast, fingers, and toes are also interrupted.

This fungal infection can be prevented by maintaining cleanliness around the genitals. Asian women tend to have moisture in the groin because every time cebok always wear water. Water cebokan that menyisa around pubic and groin invite fungus come, so it is important to ensure a dry crotch after urination, for example with a tissue.
Humidity can also occur when the groin late to change underwear and sanitary napkins, underwear used not fully dried after washing, or less than perfect bath so crotch soap untouched.

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