My Heart Attack Experience

I had a heart attack recently and would like to tell you all about it. If you think you have symptoms of a heart problem do not ignore them.

On October 17, of this year (2012) I suffered a heart attack. I would like to tell you about my experience since heart attacks are often not at all like what you see on the television. In fact my step daughter even said “Mark cannot be having a heart attack, he is still walking around”.

I had been enjoying a great day, had gone shopping (I enjoy shopping) helped a sheep with her newborn twin lambs and had just finished picking my wife up from work. As soon as I got home and was shutting the car door I felt a sudden pain in my chest. I thought it was my lungs.

My wife was doing some outside work and of course wanted to see the lambs. When she came in I told her I was not feeling well, I did not even feel like resting, sitting made me more uncomfortable. Within 20 minutes I told her to drive me to the hospital.

The hospital is about 40 minutes away, all highway, but every bump felt awful. We got there and she dropped me off at the emergency entrance, I walked in, they rushed me to a bed and said they would get the rest of my information from my wife. I was hooked up to machines within minutes, and although I had initially thought the problem was my lungs, they said “Mr Brown you have had a heart attack”, and said my heart was doing all kinds of crazy things. While they waited for the doctor the one nurse gave me nitro spray under my tongue, it was three sprays before I noticed any decrease in the pain. I was hooked to an IV. When the doctor came, one of the things I “think” I heard the doctor say was something about a TK, and later they said the TK was working.

They said I was going to be sent to another hospital in Edmonton, about an hour away. The ambulance attendants told my wife not to try to keep up with them.

In the ambulance I started to relax and let everyone do their business, as I could not do anything to help myself at that point. I started meditating to relax and tried to maintain a sense of humor with the ambulance attendants.

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  1. Mark, I appreciate your telling your story. You might save lives by informing people.

  2. Heart attack usually comes in a very disguised for until it’s confirmed by medical practitioners. Diabetics causes silent attacks without any warning symptoms.

  3. Mark, I’m so sorry, I hope you are all right. My one and only has had two stents plus a heart valve replacement. So I know how traumatic it is. Take good care of yourself.

  4. Very interesting, and I read every word of it carefully. I tried looking for TK in connection with a heart attack, but couldn’t get it. The only medical word misspelled was ’stent’.

    Wish you speedy recovery and please take life easy. It isn’t easy, but don’t be hard on yourself.

  5. Very interesting, and I read every word of it carefully. I tried looking for TK in connection with a heart attack, but couldn\’t get it. The only medical word misspelled was \’stent\’.

    Wish you speedy recovery and please take life easy. It isn\’t easy, but don\’t be hard on yourself.

  6. Mark happy to read you here again seemed you are already recovering - of course, my prayers and follow what the doctors advised. Heart attack - is like a burglar, he does not tell when to attack.

  7. awesome. You know, -someday I expect to learn that back in 1981 what happened to me in Denver was in fact, a heart attack. I had this gnawing, burning pain in my chest, throat & upper-left quadrant that intensified over the course of an hour, lasted for several hours. I was ‘paralyzed’ on a couch during this whole ordeal, to the worries of the friends I was with… So intense this pain, the left shoulder/arm remained sore for days after! And no, I did not seek help then, or clarification on the matter since… :-\ But I would most certainly *not* be surprised to learn of scars on the heart from this…

  8. Nice share, we can prevent better now. Glad you safe

  9. It’s as if an heart attack is a mysterious thing. It was a good think that you noticed that something wasn’t right. I’m glad that you are alright. I hope you continue to take care of yourself.

  10. Excellent article! Very informative and educational. I have high cholesterol. I\’ve been taking atorvastatin. So far so good.

  11. I’m glad you are able to share the experience with us Mark. I have a friend whose father died when we in high school because he had a heart attack while hunting and assumed because he was walking around and talking the tightness he felt in his chest was because he was winded, so he simply drove home and took a nap and didn’t wake up.

    We all need to take our health more seriously.

  12. Thanks for your kind wishes and support everyone.

    Yes as martie said I was walking around and could talk, it is not like on television at all!

  13. Very true Mark.You can never know when the heart attacks you ! I lost my husband to heart attack 6 years ago. He was diabetic and had a silent attack in his sleep…….

  14. Hello Mark! I am glad you escaped the heart attack. It is certainly a very painful experience. May God forbids! It ever happens to anybody.

    I also have had heart attach two times in the recent past. The first one was major and other one was minor (occurred after one month of the first one).

    I remained admitted for two weeks in the ICU. But thanks God with the help of God’s willing, my own will power and extreme care of the doctors, I survived and now strictly following the prescription.

    However, Cheers Everybody! I don’t to make everybody sad. I am perfect now, just need your pray.

    I have written an article that puts light of the most latest technology of heart surgery that is called “Beating Heart Surgery”. If you or anybody else want to read my article, please follow the link below:


  15. very scary but thanks for sharing this important information.

  16. Hi Mark,

    Good to hear that you pulled through your ordeal. I’ll be praying for you.


    Living By Grace

  17. We really need to know the facts about the signs and symptoms about myocardial infarction or heart attack. I hope and pray for your fast recovery.

  18. god share your artikel

  19. Thank you for sharing your story and warning people about not ignoring their hearts. Your story also proves that slim people too can build up cholesterol and have heart problems. Congratulations on making it to the Hot Content List as well. It is nice to see more interesting and well written articles here.

  20. Thanks for sharing your story Mrk and, like the others, glad you are still around to tell it. We need to all be aware of the symptoms you’ve shared.

  21. Mark, I appreciate your telling your story

  22. interesting info

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  24. Hello Mark! I am glad you escaped the heart attack. i hope you be blessed with family and work as usual

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