Old Information Becomes New - Cholesterol Not The Culprit

If I had a nickel for every time I was called a health nut, I’d have a better savings account during this economic down trend.

If I had a nickel for every time I was called a health nut, I’d have a better savings account during this economic down trend. 

Recently I checked out a nutrition book I was thrilled to find in the library.  “Let’s Eat Right to Keep Fit” written in the fifties was my survival guide when I had no health insurance.  I wanted to compare Adelle Davis’ information to the latest news on The Dr. Oz December 11 show on cholesterol.

With a grave expression, Dr. Oz looked at the latest findings of two doctors who say cholesterol isn’t the culprit.  I learned from Davis’ writings that foods with cholesterol also contain the ingredients to break it down.  Yes – nature takes care of cholesterol problems.

Cholesterol from eggs has its counterpart – lecithin.  Lecithin is contained in fish oil which has become a top rated supplement of contemporary prevention.  Fish oil is known as a brain food amongst other benefits.  Why?  Because it breaks down cholesterol.

So many heart problems, circulatory ailments like high blood pressure are caused from fats clogging up the system.  The true culprit as per Dr. Oz’s guests is looking like it’s the LDL factor.  If the globules of LDL material are floating around in the system, the small particles can penetrate the artery walls. 

A question that lingers after seeing this Oz show is how can information from the fifties be ignored for so long? 


Having been chronically unemployed, I worried about having no health insurance.  Instead I followed the well documented information in “Let’s Eat Right to Keep Fit.”  By that time, the findings about cholesterol had already been around for twenty years.  It was ignored by the medical establishment, and people like me were considered weird “health nuts.” 

I’ve followed a vitamin regimen for most of my adult life.  I feel blessed and grateful that I have no problems with my heart and don’t have high blood pressure.  High blood pressure drives against artery walls and causes much damage adding a whole host of other health issues.  It is a focus of concern, and no one looks at low pressure as a problem. 

I’m sure the findings that show cholesterol as an innocent bystander that’s been wrongly accused will encounter opposition.  Pharmaceutical companies have been making a mint off the sales of these.  Everyone knows the expression, money talks and . . .well most people know the rest of the old phrase.  One can always hope that someone listens now.  People using a plethora of anti cholesterol medications are suffering lots of side effects.  Hopefully, the victims of ill health will see some relief.

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  1. good article , a great gypsy writing technique , don’t ask me if I know what the gypsy writing technique is , because i don’t know , it’s just your technique in writing is simple and beautiful , but I have a little something to tell you as a pharmacist , the thing is , there are two forms of cholesterol in the body , you talked about LDL ( Low-density lipoprotein ) it contains cholesterol which you can call bad cholesterol there is also HDL ( High-density lipoprotein ) which contains cholesterol that is called good cholesterol , so there is a guilty cholesterol and an innocent one , cholesterol medications are of several types some of them lowers bad cholesterol LDL and some may increase good cholesterol HDL , once again I’ve enjoyed your article a lot , hope those little information be useful for you .

    Abudana .

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