Patients with Gout Should Not Eat This Food

Patients with gout should not eat this food.

sam veins known as arthritis, joints swollen and very painful. This condition is caused due to high levels of uric acid in the blood that goes beyond the limits required by the body. Well, excess uric acid in the blood will eventually crystallize and accumulate in the joints, thus eroding the soft bone tissue and joints causing pain. What are the causes of high uric acid?, Uric acid in the blood which can be excessive because of a problem based on renal function. Because of this, certain foods can be consumed heightens the uric acid in the blood and cause painful inflammation of gout.

High food containing purines, especially should be avoided by people. This could include animal and vegetable foods or certain vegetables. For healthy people, high purine foods is not a problem, but it can further aggravate the condition for gout sufferers.

Here are foods high in purines, which should be avoided by gout sufferers because it can aggravate the symptoms and conditions:

Nuts belinjo
Legumes such as peanuts should also be avoided, especially along belinjo even leaves and flowers, which are usually treated as vegetables.

Durian fruit
Durian fruit is delicious to some, but if the doctor had said to uric acid, should be avoided. Or if it wanted to eat it, should not be excessive and often.

The smell of banana which is actually very good value nutritional content, it contains minerals, polyphenols antioksoidan strong, fiber, vitamin B2 is good for the brain, and so on. However, because of the high purine, preferably if you have high uric acid to avoid banana.
One might think if spinach is a good vegetable consumption, mainly because it contains high iron which is essential for the body. True anyway, but for gout sufferers, have to be careful with vegetables spinach, including asparagus, because it has a high purine levels.

Red meat
Red meat such as beef, mutton, pork, an animal source foods are high levels of purines. Thus for people with gout, you should limit your intake of these foods.
Know Tempe
Tofu and tempeh rtinggi protein and nutrition, is also very commonly served as a daily diet of Indonesian society. But tofu is soy-based and includes a source of high purine foods.
Sardines and Makerel
Marine fish such as sardines, mackerel, and tuna, is very good for health as they are high in protein and high in unsaturated fatty acids. Unfortunately the fish are generally also have high levels of purines. Especially sardines, mackerel, and tuna, including the type of fish that should be avoided gout pain sufferers.
Mostly sea food including food groups with high levels of purines. Groups such as shrimp and crabs are food sources that are high in cholesterol, so consumption should be limited for the sake of our health.

In addition to regulating food diet to manage gout, which is equally important is to examine the levels of uric acid to the doctor regularly. It is important to know how safe your uric levels, so that the diet can be better controlled and within safe limits. In addition to a good diet uric up, you may need a prescription medication to help your condition. Please note that gout is a chronic disease such as hypertension and diabetes, which require management that a good diet - or a certain limit and reduce intake continuously.

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