Some Ways Make You Young Forever

These ways make you always young, happy, beautiful …

1/Always happy: Go out with your friends in your free time. Chatting and Telling Jokes with them and have fun together will make you more and more happy every day. The smile is one of the most important things in your life!

2/ Have a noon outside once a week: With your family and your friends. Of course you should choose somewhere that you can enjoy fresh air and beautiful views

3/ Exercise everyday: I think you all know this. Exercising everyday make us have a good day. I think the best time for us to exercise is from 5am to 6am

4/ Sleep at least 7 hours per night: Sleeping fully is the best way to recover your health after a long day and repair for a new day coming

5/ On sunday you should spend 12 hours sleeping. Yes and I want you to tell me how do you feel after that long sleep :D

6/ Give your family or your friend surprised presents. Making somes surprised things will make you and your family, friends more and more happy

7/ Have a glass of warm milk before you sleep, It make you have a good sleep

8/ Lesser Wines and Lesser meat

9/ No smoking

10/Don’t work too much

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