When Should You Drink More Than Normal Water in a Day?

There are certain health conditions that can cause of to drink more water than normal especially if we be expect to speed up healing…

Fever. Up your intake of water to one glass every hour if you have a fever, as this will compensate for any loss of water through your skin during evaporation. Evaporating when you have a fever is actually a good thing as it promotes the heat reduction thereby keeping the body cooler. Evaporation also contributes to a reduced metabolic rate again lowering the body temperature. But you need water to evaporate! As you are evaporating you need to replenish your body with water. 

Hydrops. It is recommended that you drink roughly two or three litres of water for those who have hydrops. Hydrops earlier called dropsy, is responsible for the abnormal collection of clear and watery fluid in certain parts of the body. By drinking large amounts of water, the volume of your urine increases and this in turn helps reduce the accumulated volume of fluid in the body. Large intakes of water should be done in the morning or evenings but not during the day, regardless of what you eat. This helps to increase the specific gravity of the blood which aids in the removal of water from the skin and the kidneys very speedily. 

Urinary tract infection. Sure you’ve heard this one before! Drink, drink and drink! The more water you intake during an urinary tract infection aids in increasing urine production, helping to flush out the infection faster.

Increase Your Blood Volume. As often as possible during the day you should dedicate yourself to drinking at least a maximum of three-fourth to one cup of water at a time. This is desirable in increasing your blood and can amount to one hundred and thirty to one hundred and eight millilitres of water at a time.

Rheumatism. For persons who have been diagnosed with rhematism, you need to drink drink a large quantity of water as this helps dilute the blood. It also decreases the uric acid level in your blood by dispensing of it through your urine. Uric is a bi product of the metabolism of the proteins present in your blood.

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  1. Though these are all definitely good suggestions, and I honestly had no idea about the increase in blood, I’d like to say that you should carry a water bottle (new, recycled or bottled water) around and drink as much water as you feel necessary. I drink at least 3L a day and it really detoxes my body.

    Clearer the pee, the better you’ll feel.

  2. Thanks for sharing your ideas aaronxnow. Honestly I hate drinking water but it is such a powerful part in healing body ailments. The more water I drink the more thirsty I feel which it should be the opposite..huh

  3. Some interesting facts here. I’m a bit of a water fan, it re-energises me when I feel tired.

  4. [Reply to Valmnz] Ah yes that it does.

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