Things to Do When You are Lazy to Go to Office

Pressured? Tired of your work? Just plain bored or totally burned-out? If you are lazy to go to work but don’t have anything better to do with your time, don’t waste your day away. One day of work means one day of salary. If you don’t know how to go about with the day’s office routine, here’s a suggestion that you might want to ponder and try.

  1. Do not be absent.
  2. Do not be late for work.

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  3. Immediately after sitting by your desk, open your drawers one by one, as if you are looking for something.
  4. After searching through your drawers, stand up and look for cockroaches in your filing cabinet. If you can’t find one in there, try checking your incoming and outgoing tray.
  5. If the boss suddenly arrives, immediately get hold of the phone and pretend that someone in the other line is asking about some reports or documents. Say something like “Oh! I’m sorry. Alright, I’ll bring it to your office right away,” then take any folder with you and get out of your room as if you are in a hurry. That is, after telling your boss that you need to go right away.
  6. Go to the comfort room/powder room. Comb your hair. Count your pimples. If you’re a woman, retouch your make-up. If you’re a man, wash your face and slightly wet your hair. Be sure to stay in there for about five minutes.
  7. After returning to your office, turn on your computer. Perform a Quick Scan and wait for it to finish. Then perform a Full Scan while looking at the monitor screen and moving the mouse like you’re are writing in cursive with the cursor.
  8. Get the source documents that you will be needing to create your office report. Look at it carefully. Study intently the kind of paper that was used and count the number of words in the report.

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  9. If you receive a call, answer it right away. Don’t allow the other party to end the call immediately. Ask him how he is doing and what his opinions are about the latest national and international issues. Just make sure that the call won’t take longer than an hour or you might make your boss angry.
  10. If you need to finish a report, finish it exactly on the last second of the deadline. If you need to type, try typing at 10 wpm.
  11. Check the files and documents that you had collected these past few days. Arrange it one by one while imagining yourself to be earning a salary worth $1,000 a day. Be sure not to finish this task, leave some for the next few days.
  12. Constantly go to the toilet or comfort room as if you are having LBM. Be sure to drop by other Departments that you pass along the way and chat for a few minutes.
  13. Never look at your watch while doing everything above. If you do that, you’ll get more bored. Allow yourself to enjoy your laziness. You’ll be surprised to know that it’s already time to go home.

WARNING: Try at your own risk. -wink!-

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  1. You have a knack for it. Very entertaining write.

  2. I often wonder how many times an employee could do these without being found out what really is going on in the work place.

  3. LOL roberta! :D

    i wonder why this was published under Health Mad when i categorized it under creative writing. maybe i had the wrong category but just the same, this is just for fun although it might be worth a try on those days when you really are lazy to go to the office but don’t have anything worthwhile to do at home.


  4. Interesting tips. I’ll do it right now :D

  5. happy new year friend

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