How I Got Ripped in Four Weeks

How to loose 30 pounds in four weeks
How to get ripped
No gym membership required.

Lately I have been very frustrated with all the adverts about saying “TAKE ACAI BERRY SUPPLEMENTS AND YOU’LL BE RIPPED IN NO TIME!”, with a picture of the evolution of some couch potato to a living Spartan. So I decided to do my own research into this new technology.

OK so the Acai berry is actually good for you, of course it is, it is an antioxidant. So in fact this Acai berry from the Amazon does have the potential to help you loose weight, by getting rid of the oxidised cholesterol. It also has other benefits, such as mopping up free radicals, which are cancer causing particles in the body. But can i get ripped by just taking this little berry? Answer is, no. Usually on the Internet and in life, whenever something seems to good to be true- it is. There are so many scams on the Internet about improved Acai berry supplements and such, earning them 100k a day and leaving you with nothing. The Acai berry is a good antioxidant, but so are other berries. It doesn’t have a special power to make you ripped in 4 weeks. Only Mark Twight, the trainer for the cast of 300 has that power! And even then it was an intense combination of muscle training and lots of cardio work. In an interview Gerard Butler said he found the rowing machine the most useful. So maybe instead of falling for these online scams and ads and basically funding criminals and lies, it’s best to invest in a gym membership or rowing machine. 

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