Posture-the Secret of Long Life

The road to good health is good posture. Most of us are not aware about the importance of postures in maintaining good health. If you are really worried about your health and don’t want to fall prey to health disorder than the below article is a must read for you.

Good posture means that the body is held in the correct position when standing, sitting, lying, or in motion.

In standing, the ideal posture is one in which the person stands tall and erect, the abdomen drawn in, the shoulders square and high, the chin straight back and held in, the weight properly distributed on the feet, and the curve of the back well within normal limitations.

In the correct sitting position, the body is erect and the head poised to bring the centre of gravity in the line joining the bones of the hips. A constant bent posture or droopy position while at work or at rest results in stretching and relaxing of ligament, with a tendency toward permanent sagging. As a result, the back becomes rounded and the chin pushed forward.

Good posture through life is desirable because it will prevent many disorders and help cure others. Both the home and school can cooperate effectively in training children to observe the rules of correct posture. Defects in posture can be corrected in preschool children if detected early enough. Physical exercise and posture training throughout school and college, and a program of physical exercise in adulthood are important to good health.

Faulty posture may be related to improper clothing and especially to the wrong kind of shoes. A definite relationship between flat feet, twisted spine, and other posture deformities and ill-fitting shoes has been established.

Here are some exercises which help to strengthen the muscles of the back and abdomen and thus improve posture. Lie on the back, hands back of the neck. Take a deep breath and raise chest up and exhale by pulling abdomen in. In the same position, bend the knees and pull feet up. Pull abdomen in hard, and then relax. Sit in a chair, trunk bending forward from the hips, keeping spine straight. The exercise may be done standing.

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