Boozing It Up Easier with Curved Glass &Ndash; Were The Researchers Tipsy?

Now we know the glass makes a difference, but do we know why this research was conducted?

Alcohol is always a good subject for research. After all, why people drink, why they drink too much, why some people drink more than others – these are all valid and important areas of study most would agree.

But, is it really important to determine that a curved glass will be more likely than a straight glass to make you drink more? That’s the gist of the research conducted by scientists at the University of Bristol who spent time – and no doubt someone else’s money – to come to the conclusion that drinking alcohol from a container with curved sides prompted people to drink more booze. Further, they determined there was no such effect when the drinkers were consuming non-alcoholic beverages. Why is this so – the researchers suggest it’s because people find it harder for some reason to determine how much people are drinking when they use a curved glass.

Now that we know this, has anything improved? Will anyone be more conscientious about their drinking? Are we closer to solving issues pertaining to alcoholism? Will we even be more likely to enjoy our tippling? Probably not.

Booze For Research? Who Wouldn’t?

Perhaps the study was an easy way for the university researchers to have an enjoyable time under the guise of scientific inquiry? Since some of the test subjects were aged 18 to 40, the volunteer list for the study must have been long … very long. Free booze for a little academic research? You bet.

Let’s look, hypothetically, at the origins of this research project. A bunch of academics hoisting a few and wondering how, on their meager salaries, they could afford a few extra beers. I know, says one in an a-ha moment for the centuries, let’s conceive a research project where we can hoist a few, get a bunch of others to do the same, and then write a paper on why the glasses we hold made the difference on whether we drank more or less. As their glasses clinked in agreement the group went about figuring how they could get some bar keep to give them enough drinks to make their research work.

Back to another meeting several months later and the same group of researchers are enjoying some pizza … stay tuned for the next bit of research.

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  1. Ha! Nice article, yes I remember reading about this and wondering the same thing….and the value of this new scientific knowledge? Well profit, of course.

  2. Well done thank you for sharing.

  3. Let’s see. How about the deeper the crust the more need to chew? Would that make a good research subject? Thanks for the revelation.

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