Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery

Should you fix your nose? During the last 10 years surgery procedures have proliferated all around the world. In this article the positive and negative aspects of both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery are studied in detail.

Should I reconstruct my nose, should I fix my nose?… Surgeries, surgeries surgeries…Every day more and more people are beginning to be uncomfortable with their body and are trying to change it getting a surgery. But cosmetic surgery isn’t only simple surgery it has a psychological background and also consequences.  At first surgeries were used as a reconstructive alternative or in order to “repair” what the age has done to the skin. But now there is a growing number of teenagers that at their little age are focused that cosmetic surgery is a gift from life and a chance to change what you are uncomfortable with. But as all the surgeries also the cosmetic one has its consequences, which go from to be the happiest person in the world or the most additive person to surgery.

The most ideal goal of a surgery is to remove what you don’t like, in order to live comfortable with your features. From this point of view this could be a very positive aspect of a surgery which would help the client not only external but also physiological. And could turn a “looser” into a self-confident and successful person.

Another positive aspect of the surgery is that it also could be used as reconstructive, what helps people who were in accidents or were born with incapacity. This type of surgery has not been as successful as the cosmetic surgery but has helped a lot of people with their confidence and the way to see the world and society.

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But not all can result as good as the client would like because a considerable percent of cosmetic surgeries end in fatalities. That is the reason why doctors frequently forced the clients to get more information about surgery before of having done one. Another recommendation is to go with a doctor who is known because of his or her operations and surgeries.

Another negative aspect of a surgery is that after one or two the person can realize that he or she doesn’t feel comfortable with other features of their body so they recurred to a lot of surgeries what not only caused economical problems but also physical and physiological damages.

In conclusion surgery is becoming a “fashion” that is more and more popular between the teenagers every year. A surgery must be done when a person wants to fix something of his or her body or simply doesn’t feel comfortable with it. From my point of view I think a surgery should be done only if the person knows the pros and counts of it. I don’t recommend surgery to people that are uncomfortable with many parts of their body because that should be a physiological or self-confidence problem.

But if you think surgery will make you the happiest person of the world you’re wrong! to be the happiest person in the world depends on you and your attitude! Just think it and do it!

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