Drugs &Ndash; The Alarming Facts

Prescribed drug abuse!

Drugs – The Alarming Facts

                There are so many drugs out there today that it scares me to think of the future of this world. I am not talking about Crack, Cocaine and Heroin; but Xanax, Valium and Zoloft; today’s kids have these drugs available to them with every turn in life.

                While we have many drugs that help with so many ailments and that is good; yet they come with side effects.  While many drugs will raise your blood pressure, cause diarrhea or constipation, or stomach discomfort; but worse than that is addiction.

                Prescription drugs can be very dangerous, because they are legal, they are prescribed for a reason; then they become abused. They are the ones I already mentioned along with pain killers such as Tramadol, Vicodin, and Oxycodone. These drugs are prescribed and they start out as a drug to relieve something, whether it is pain, anxiety or depression; many people who have depression have to stay on medications because of an imbalance within their brain and possibly a very poor self image.

                The other drugs are meant to be temporary until the pain goes away; the pain is usually due to surgery, a fall or sport injury.  The pain reliever medication are highly additive because they eliminate pain, by blocking the transmitter to our brain; so we kind of go from pain, to happiness and joy.

                Xanax the worst anxiety drug out there it is design to be taken until you learn how to deal with anxiety, usually by seeing a psychologist; learning technique on how to deal with stressful situations, the better drug to take is valium. While both are very addictive, Xanax fixes an anxious feeling immediately thus making your anxiety goes away immediately; which equals happy feelings. This is sad you’re trying to avoid all and any cause of anxiety, but truthfully we all need a little anxiety, usually good; such as planning a trip, getting married or seeing old friends. The there are the sad moments death, failing a school exam, even getting fired from a job.

                                Many believe they won’t get addicted, and it happens usually without your ever realizing your addiction; until you have no more or running out. Learn the facts about prescribed drugs, not knowing may ruin your life and worse it may just kill you.

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