Electronic Cigarette-gift for a Smoker

Sometimes it is extremely difficult to buy gifts for few people. However, if they smoke cigarettes, buying a gift has become very easy. Best gift would be to get them something that will continue fulfilling their cigarette addiction.

   Sometimes it is extremely difficult to buy gifts for few people. However, if they smoke cigarettes, buying a gift has become very easy. Best gift would be to get them something that will continue fulfilling their cigarette addiction. However, the gift you are giving should not be something that will continue harming them like cigarettes do. So think of the best gift you can present to a cigarette smoker?

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   You can gift them an electronic cigarette! So you are probably thinking what an electronic cigarette is right now. An electronic cigarette is a substitute for cigarette. It looks like a original cigarette and it gives smokers the pleasure that a original cigarette gives them. However, flame is not used, ash is not produced, it doesn’t smell and doesn’t yellow their teeth. But it does give them the nicotine pleasure that smokers crave.

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   The electronic cigarette is considered as one of the best inventions of the 21st century. People all around the world have started smoking the electronic cigarette where public smoking has been prohibited by laws. Smoking of electronic cigarettes is permitted in prohibited smoking places because it doesn’t affect anyone with smoke and ash and it doesn’t smell so people wont even realize that you are getting your nicotine pleasure.

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   The electronic cigarette drastically reduces the chances of getting cancer. A normal tobacco cigarette has over four thousand chemicals and most of then causes cancer. The electronic cigarette only uses a liquid that when you inhale, it vaporizes and it will give you the satisfaction of smoking a original cigarette.

   Do a favor for your loved ones by getting them an electronic cigarette. The cost an electronic cigarette averages about $2 a pack while the tobacco cigarettes cost around $5+ a pack. So by getting them an electronic cigarette you will be taking care of their health and also their wallets. But how do you know if they will like it? You can order the electronic cigarette for free, and try it out for 2 weeks. In those two weeks the user will know if likes the electronic cigarette or not. If not, you can return it and you wont be charged. You will be paying the small fee of the shipping to try it out

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  1. Wow What will they come up with next? Well presented article

  2. wow very interesting post..

  3. Wonderful post…I will give to a smoker.. :)

  4. That was very interesting!

  5. very technological and scientific one , so mkes me very pleased.

  6. cool stuff.. guess itz not harmful as the real ones???

  7. Nice one. This definitely reduces garbage from cigarette butts thrown away.

  8. I don’t smoke… And I hate my clothes getting smelly after my once every two months outing to the pub :(

  9. good that u dont smoke

  10. A very interesting article, but as a non smoker I would not give a gift that was related to smoking in any way. My mother in law was a heavy smoker all her life and now in her early 60’s she is terribly ill and housebound due to smoking related illness, I wouldn’t want anyone to suffer like that.

  11. oh, interesting..
    yes, agree that we should not give this as a gift, as it seems to be supporting the idea of smoking, but probably to those heavy smokers, who really don’t want to give up smoking at all, this may be an ideal gift for them.
    just my opinion.

  12. sorry to hear about ur mother in law. but this electronic cigarette can help the heavy smokers to reduce harmful effects and then finally to stop

  13. Good idea, I can’t stand the smoke.

  14. never knew it exists

  15. No, no, no, never give anyone anything to injure their health. There are many good things to give.

  16. Very interesting article, for smoker and non-smoker

  17. Wow, another invention! I think I will try this one because I do smoke. Is this widely available?

    You always amazed me by your newly- published articles. Good job!

  18. Very interesting, heard about it first from you. good work

  19. Never heard about it. Nice!

  20. wow, it’s new to me. my father would need this but it’s not available here.

  21. ive seen this product i wonder if it really works

  22. great if it works - passive smoking is a real problem too

  23. You composed this well with a great subject.TX for the wonderful share.

  24. I could never buy cigarettes for anyone. As nurse I see how smoking kills people. I watched my father die from COPD from years of smoking. I would feel as if I helped them to kill themselves. I’m sorry but this is a terrible article and I usually never write anything like this as I try to find the positive in whatever anyone writes. Please don’t take this wrong the article was well written it is the subject I hate.

  25. hi mace i know the effects of smoking. this topic is not written to encourage smokers rather to get them out of smoking. this electronic cigarette just makes them feel as if they are smoking actual cigarette but its not. by this they can be prevented from getting cancer and slowly stops smoking

  26. Interesting but I see Pam Mace’s point.

  27. I do no smoke but this is a good article!

  28. my dad actually owns his own business.
    here is his website!

  29. well written.


  30. interesting concept Albert1jemi..I went cold turkey when I kicked the habit :-)

  31. Thanks elle yes its really hard to quit that habit.

  32. Good idea
    but I still think if you want to you will.

  33. I totally agree with PR Mace. My father died from lung cancer from smoking cigarettes. The promotion of this ‘aid’ doesn’t feel right.

  34. Great post. Thank you.

  35. Very interesting article, never knew about this, good for chain smokers

  36. Great write! Thanks for the share!

  37. If it can help them stop smoking finally, it would be the best. Thanks for this :)

  38. This is new information for me. Thanks!

  39. Very interesting write, thanks for sharing.

  40. well presented article.

  41. Will check this out, my son smokes and he hates it!

  42. Some say that using electronic cigarettes can help you quit smoking. Currently there is no scientific evidence for or against it. One option is to gradually lower the level of nicotine in your cartridges to become nicotine and tobacco free.

    The other option is to smoke electronic cigarettes with zero nicotine cartridges while applying nicotine patches. That way you separate addiction and habit.


  43. I have been smoke free for over 6 mos. now thanks to the
    e-cigarette. I have tried to quit so many times and so many ways before it’s ridiculous.
    I only wish they had this sooner. My dad might still be alive.
    It does work people!

  44. Just another way to tell you it’s okay to smoke. It has side effects too, I’m sure. Interesting article.

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