Growing The Bicep

Factual advice and workout tips to help you grow your biceps!

The human bicep is a very hard muscle to grow for almost anyone, even with good genetics and a good eating habit, doing the right exercises is the tricky park of adding muscle to your bicep. The original idea was “Curl curl curl.” But that isn’t the case. Not only is too much curling bad but finding the right one to do is the important part. Most people don’t know this, so I’m writing this article for everyone to read and learn more about training.

    The right curl: this is what you should start with… the Standing straight bar curl. A lot of people use an E-Z bar or just dumbbells, but this is not the way to go. Doing your curls with a straight bar keeps your bicep fully contracted and gives it a better workout than having your hands slightly bent with an E-Z bar or dumbbells. Keeps your reps in the 8-10 range with two work sets.

    Scott/Preacher Curl: If you’ve been to a gym, than you’ve seen a Preacher bench. Larry Scott invented a better Preach Machine and named it the “Scott” machine, which is why I call them Scott curls. Doing Scott curls, again with a straight bar, will add great size to your lower bicep and thicken it up at the same time. Do not do both curls in the same workout, doing two kinds of curls is okay, but not with these two. Use the same rep and set ratio with Scott curls that I recommended for straight bar curls.

    Hammer curl: This curl requires a set of dumbbells unlike the first two. Hold the dumbbell like a hammer, keeps your reps at 6-8 for 2 sets… fast on the way up and slow on the way down. (You can do these in the same workout as the bar/Scott curls. Do these last however. This exercise will bring out the definition of your arm by building the outer bicep muscle called the Brachialis. (It can resemble a ball bearing on the side of your arm)

    Alternating Dumbbell curls: This exercise works and grows the peak of your bicep. Giving you more of a fit look and adding strength to your upper bicep. Keep your reps in the 8-10 range and do not execute within the same workout as the hammer curls. But with the bar/Scott curls is fine. 2-3 work sets after your warm up and the same fast up slow down strategy used with all curls. Happy growing everyone.

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