High-tech Dentistry

With the great advances made in dental care in the last decade or so, there is less and less reason for dental visits to be traumatic experiences. Actually, with all the high-tech gadgets dentists use these days, why, a visit to the clinic might even be.. fun.

High-tech Dentistry

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One of the most significant break-throughs in dentistry is its entry into the computer era. In the past, understanding your dental health was mostly left to your imagination as your dentist described the condition  of your teeth, or showed you an X-ray. The latest video technology now allows the dentist to show a patient the state of his teeth during the examination.

Seeing inside your mouth
Intra-oral video imaging involves the use of a small camera, about the size of a pen, with a fiber optic light source small enough to be placed in the mouth. This camera is attached to a computer, which allows images of teeth to be displayed on a computer monitor. These intra-oral images can be stored by the computer and accessed easily to accurately compare one examination to another. The intra-oral camera makes it possible to see various dental problems-like broken fillings, cracked teeth, a variety of gum conditions and cavities. In hard-to-reach areas-which are often hard to see with the naked eye.

Laser Wonder
Dentistry is also using high-tech lasers for gum treatment and cavity filling. Laser means no shots, no swelling, no bleeding, and no drill (which means no dreadful whining sound that makes patients grip the sides of their chairs.) Laser whitening can also whiten teeth with better looking results in just an hour; thus rendering obsolete the old, painstaking method of nightly at-home whitening trays. This laser procedure involves the use of a high intensity light that is gentle on the teeth because it doesn’t produce extreme heat. By beaming this light for one minute on a light activated gel placed on each tooth, years of deep stains can be erased.

Invisible braces
“Invisible” or ceramic braces are a welcome alternative to the tin grin of first-generation metal braces. The use of tooth-colored material makes it very difficult to notice the braces from a distance since the material lets the natural smile shine through smooth, translucent braces that won’t stain or discolor.

“Light fillings”

And you can say goodbye to the telltale, gray-colored tooth-filling of yore. Light-cure fillings are available in clear , tooth-colored, or opaque white shades. The procedure is really fast and simple: The dentist applies an etching material-like phosphoric acid to the surface of the tooth, followed by a runny sealant that flows into the grooves. This eliminates the need to bore the tooth with a drill. The filling is then light cured with a special “gun” that hardens and sets the soft resin sealant using nothing but light waves.

The latest technology has given dentists the tools to make dental care more efficient and effective-making the patient’s time in the dental chair shorter, more comfortable, and more pleasant than ever.

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    Excellent work my friend!

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