How to Use Nature’s Aid Instead of Medicine

I respect the advances in Medicine but I absolutely love and admire Nature’s treatment for one’s everyday health issues. A short article, talks about some of the best Nature’s treatments for your happy life.

These treatments have no side effects and are good in long run results. however, One should not solely rely on them for immediate results, but when taken regularly, These will surely help to track your health on better lines.

Blood Sugar/Diabetes:

Specifically for Type 2 diabetes:

1. Few leaves of Periwinkle Plant or Vinca Rosea Plant with water

2. Few leaves of  Neem Plant with water

3. BlackBerry seeds/ Jambul

4. Bitter gourd Juice

5. Emblic/Amla Juice

Mild Cold:

1. Cumin Seeds, Black Pepper Seeds, Coriander Seeds, Ginger .

Add some water to a small tsp of above in a Pan and flame for sometime. The seeds and water reduce.

Drink this water, draining the solid.

It helps in opening of respiratory tract and cleansing of cough.

Stoamch ache:

1. Few seeds of Ajwain with warm water

2. Asafoetida/Heeng - Have some quantity with warm water

Reducing heat from body:

1. Holy Basil/ Tulsi Leaves

2. leaves of Aloevera Plant - An excelllent coolant. Peel the leaf to extract the aloevera. Eat it as it is. 

Drink water afterwards, if required.

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