Importance Memory in Human Life

Memory is of great value in you life.

Today memory has great importance in different fields of human life. It is a part of varied industries all over the world . In psychology memory defined as mental ability for storing , retaining, and recalling information in the human mind basically. Traditionally memory studies started from the field of philosopy using various methods showing artificial enhancement of the memory. Afterwards memory word was used in cognitive psychology in many parts of the world. The memory has made useful place in human life as without it one cann’t lead the life.

The importance of memory has increased in colleges and schools today. There are three stages of memory according to the information processing perspective in many countries. Every stage of memory has certain role in varied forms such as first one is encoding meaning receiving , processing, and combining of received information in society. The second memory is a storage meaning creation of permanent record of the encoded information in several studies. And the third type of memory is retrieval meaning calling back the stored information in the human mind.

Also memory has important role in animals and mammals without which nature will become lame. Now people can enhanced memory capacity using chunking process in many countries. This process is used so the people can chunk those informations into groups of meaningful letters as reflection of good memory. In many studies short-term memory based on acoustic code which helps in the storage of information also . If certain people have good IQ then the credit goes to the memory only. Also it is believed that sleep leads in improving memory consolidation of information stored in the mind. Not only good sleep enhance memory of the person but also delivering good performances.

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