Matsyasana Gives Relief From Asthma and Sciatica

The Fish Pose of Yoga Stretches Your Abdominal Organs to Stimulate Digestion, and Also Improves Your Poise and Bearing.

Matsyasana - The Fish Pose of Yoga

The Fish Pose or the Matsyasana is a dual benefit of being an easy and simple exercise that you do lying on a mat, without involving any balancing or sharp bending. While it has to offer many benefits for those suffering from Sciatica, Asthma, Indigestion, Constipation, and a Slouching Pose. This pose arches your back, stretches the abdominal organs and stimulates secretion. In addition it also improves your posture.

How to do the Matsyasana - Fish Pose

You need to lie down face up on a mat. Your arms are by your sides and your palms flat on the mat. Hold your feet together with your big toes touching each other. Breathe easy and relax before proceeding to the next step.

After stiffening the muscles of your limbs gently push your palms and heels against the mat. This will help you to  lift your hip upwards. Create some space between your hip and the mat so that you are able to slide your palms beneath your upraised hips.

Now place your palms flat on the mat. Keep one palm above the other. Breathe easy at this pose and pause for some moments. As you relax, stiffen the muscles of your arms and bend upwards from your hip to lift your torso. Support your upraised torso with your arms. Bend your arms from the elbows and rest only your forearms firmly on the mat.

Next let lower your head back to the mat and let it rest in a slightly tilted position with your chin above. In this position as your back is arched, your thorax and throat are stretched. Now remove your hands from below your hip and rest them on your thighs. Place your elbows in the same position to support your hip and let your back remain arched with the back of your head touching the mat. At this stage you may pause and breathe easy before exiting this pose.

How to Come Out of the Matsyasana - Fish Pose

To exit from this exercise, stiffen your arms and place your elbows are firmly on the floor. After lifting your head from the mat, also move your elbows slightly apart and allow your arms to slide gradually to the mat. Lower your head and rest it on the mat as you place your arms by your sides with your palms facing upwards. You are now in the Shavasana (Corpse pose). Breathe easy and relax. You may repeat the above steps and get into the pose once again as long as you like.

Benefits of the Matsyasana - Fish Pose

This pose is beneficial for those suffering from asthma and other respiratory ailments as it opens your thorax, chest and clears the windpipe. It also helps in reliving sciatic pain and backaches as it strengthens the muscles of the upper back and those behind the neck and shoulders.

This pose also helps in overcoming fatigue and menstrual pain as it stretches and tones the deep hip flexors and the muscles between your ribs. In addition it also helps in overcoming constipation and improving digestion as it stretches and stimulates the abdominal organs. Due to the arcing of your back your chest is thrust out. This improves your posture and carriage.

 For maximum benefit do this exercise along with other Yoga exercises like the Handstand to strengthen your arms, the Adho Mukha Svanasana, Reverse Naukasana, the Normal Naukasana, Bhujangasana and Vrishchikasana to resist sciatica and other back ailments, Mandukasana to resist diabetes, Halasana to give all-round exercise to your body, Shavasana to regain your energy, Shirashasana to nourish your brain cells, Anulom-Vilom to oxygenate your heart and Kapalbhati to resist heart ailments.

A Word of Caution When Doing the Matsyasana - Fish Pose

Those suffering from  migraine, insomnia and from high or low blood pressure, and those who have severe back ailments should avoid not do the Matsyasana.  Before starting to do this exercise do consult your doctor and yoga instructor.

Eat Healthy Food to go with Yoga

Also remember to eat non-greasy, high fiber and low calorie food to supplement your yoga exercises and get the best out of them.

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