Why obesity takes place.

In all healthy people a greater or lesser amount of fat is present. The degree of obesity in a person is dependant on his collection of fatty globules or cells. One cannot expect to enjoy and maintain good health in as state of excessive obesity. It leads to sluggishness, heaviness in breathing, and lethargy, keeping us from physical activity and causing serious malfunctioning of the various organs.

Obesity is considered as a disease. Overweight is responsible for cardiac trouble, palpitation, diabetes, gout, hypertension, artisclerosis, high cholesterol, disc lesion, and even premature death.

The two most common causes of overweight are a luxurious, inactive, and sedentary life accompanied by excessive sleep, rich food, or overeating. The greatest foe of feminine loveliness and beauty is excess fat. People are apt to overeat not necessarily because they are hungry but because they are unhappy, emotionally upset, lonely, or frustrated. Many seem to think that all of the diseases obesity is the easiest to treat. Various complications arise with overweight like anemia, low or high blood pressure, digestive disturbances, constipation, internal disorders, diabetes etc. Obese people usually desire to eat and drink too much and the wrong kinds of things. It is a well known fact that fat people are easy-going and genial. Worry due to frustration, disappointment or other factors lead to overeating as it gives one mental satisfaction which is an outlet for one’s feelings. To reduce weight controlling of diet and drink, resorting to regular exercises and walks is necessary. A lot of determination and will-power is needed to follow the prescribed routine. Human nature has to be taken into consideration when treating obesity. Obesity is not a joke it is a disease. Before beginning treatment, thorough physical check-ups by a doctor are necessary. There may be some abnormality which, if unnoticed, may cause great danger to health and life. Hence, health cannot be maintained in a state of excessive obesity. So we should work for it.

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