Red Wine and Women’s Sexual Health

Studies show that women feel more attractive and desirable if they take one or two glasses a day.

It has always been speculation about the intimate relationship between Bacchus, the god of wine and Eros, the god of sex. 

Now this legend has acquired a scientific base, as two Italian doctors, and Nicola Mondaini Richard Bartoletti, Florence University, conducted a research showing moderate and regular consumption of red wine is associated with improved women’s sexual health. 

More confidence in yourself 

According to the study, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, one or at most two glasses of red wine a day cause some inhibition, to take us more interested and available, and its effect makes us feel more attractive and more desirable . 

Throughout the centuries, art, poetry and mythology have been associated with eroticism wine, according to Dr. Nicola Mondaini, in effect, red wine makes women feel more relaxed and your body to react more and better to sexual stimuli. 

The research was conducted at the hospital Santa Maria Annunziata in Florence, where a thousand women responded to a questionnaire on female sexual life, focusing on six areas, the desire, interest, lubrication, orgasm, satisfaction and pain. 

The results of the study were collected in a book Eros Wine made by the two authors of the research, which in addition to scientific data, we analyzed the relationship throughout history between Bacchus and Eros. 

Enjoy the taste of wine 

Since according to the study, the sexual life of women taking red wine, is more successful they are abstainers or drink very occasionally, the question is: what can the abstainers? 

According to Dr. Mondaini, women who do not take better to continue without taking, but they are advised to gradually adopt the Mediterranean diet that provides a little wine and has been shown, is good for health as for sex life . 

In the book Wine and Eros is also evidence of harm caused by alcohol abuse and remember that in antiquity was recommended to drink wine, but without exaggeration. 

In 300 BC, Eubolo, Athenian poet, wrote as he prepared three glasses of wine for his friends: the first for health, the second for love, the third for sleep, the fourth, he said, and not ours to us because it belongs to the violence.

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