Seven Chronic Disease in Young Age and How to Prevent

Stroke, osteoporosis and dementia are also present not only the illness of parents. Due to changes in modern lifestyles are increasingly unhealthy, such chronic diseases can also attack from a very young age.

Some types of chronic disease that can strike from the young and their prevention is as follows:

1. Melanoma
After the most vulnerable: an 50-years and over
Can get from: Young late in their 20s and early

Melanoma is a type of skin cancer can be avoided by not too much sun between 10 am until 2 pm without sunscreen or Sun Protecting Factor (SPF). SPF-30 is recommended, but SPF-15 is considered sufficient to provide protection.

2. Osteoporosis
The most vulnerable age: 65 years and over
Can get from: an 50-year

Osteoporosis or bone loss can be prevented by increasing intake of calcium and vitamin D, and avoiding tobacco. Regular exercise is also important, because strong muscles will help the body in order to sustain weight loss.

3. Stroke
The most vulnerable age: 65 years
Can get from: 20 to 30-something years

Again, cigarettes, including the risk factors of stroke at a young age. To prevent this, avoid smoking and eating fatty and salty, and multiply the consumption of fish that contain lots of omega 3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are good for the heart and blood vessels.

4. Breast cancer
The most vulnerable age: 45 years and over
Can get from: teen

Regular exercise, maintaining ideal body weight remained, limiting to avoid excessive alcohol and avoiding tobacco can reduce the risk of breast cancer. Because the exact cause is unknown, then the most important early detection is done by them often feel a lump.

5. Alzheimer’s
The most vulnerable age: 65 years and over
Could hit since: 40-year

Alzheimer’s is one type of dementia is difficult to resist because of the effects of the aging process. But some things can be done to slow the emergence, for example, by diligent work crossword puzzles, learning a foreign language and also play music.

6. Uric acid (Gout)
The most vulnerable age: 50 to 60-something years
Could hit since: 30-something years.

Obesity and alcohol consumption are major risk factors of gout attacks at a young age, so the weight should be controlled if you do not want to experience it. But remember, the impact of extreme diet on weight loss in a brief and can also dramatically increase the risk of uric acid crystallization.

7. Type-2 diabetes
The most vulnerable age: 40 to an 50-year
Can get from: kids!

Distinct from type 1 diabetes which is a congenital condition, type 2 diabetes is much more likely to be prevented. The key is only 2, namely a balanced diet, low in calories and physical activity are well balanced with the intake of calories.

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