Six Surprising Snacks Containing Hidden Dairy Products

Be surprised: dairy-free food products also contain dairy in the form of casein, whey or lactalbumin.


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Believe it or not! Most boxed cereals (including natural cereals) contain dairy products in the form of casein, nonfat milk powder or whey protein. Usually, however, most producers list allergens in bold.


(Prepared) Breadcrumbs

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Most prepared bread crumbs contain butterfat, casein, whey, or dry milk powder. A good, healthy decision would be to use panko breadcrumbs which are not only dairy free, but also contain sodium.


Processed Sandwich Breads, Quick Breads, Yeast Breads

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White and wheat sandwich breads both contain dairy products in the form of casein, whey, and nonfat milk powder. Ezekiel bread would be a good alternative, as it rarely contains any dairy and is healthy as well as delicious!

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Quick breads, such as corn or banana nut, almost always contain butter or milk. Some processed varieties will not contain actual butter, but nonfat milk powder or whey protein isolates may be present.

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This is the tricky one. Yeast breads such as french bread are not baked with dairy products in the dough but they may have baked them in a buttered oven pans or been brushed with melted butter. Cinnamon breads and croissants almost always contain dairy products.



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Store crackers almost always contain butter fat, butter, or nonfat milk powder, but at health shops non-dairy varieties can be found.


Deli Meats

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Dairy products in deli meat!? Strange, unbelievable, but true. Lactose or casein are added to deli meats as an emulsifier and also to boost the flavour of the meat.

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