Six Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease You Should Not Ignore in a Loved One. How Do YOU Plan for When You Age?

Many people worry about having memory loss when they get older. Sometimes we think of this as part of aging … and yes, it is true, live past 80 and you have a good chance of suffering from memory loss of some type, and you may need to be supervised because of memory loss. Knowing how to plan, in advance, and what to look for in loved ones is very important.

We hear about people like former President Ronald Reagan, who suffered from Alzheimer’s. But the fact is it can happen at any age and there are 50 or more types of dementias that can impact us.

The cost of supervision because of memory loss is high. Without Long Term Care Insurance, this cost comes out of your pocket since health insurance and later, Medicare do not pay for this type of care. Medicaid, the medical welfare program, will pay for this type of care but only after you exhaust your assets. Not something most people want to have happen. Nor can you depend of family to take care of you when this happens since they have their own families and career and caregiving is a full time job.

So two issues exist … how to pay for this care and when to know if you, or a loved one, may have an issue with memory loss. First, remember, you buy Long Term Care Insurance before you get old and require care. Premiums are based on your age and health at the time of application and are intended to remain level.

Most people I speak with are ages 40 to 68 and premiums are very affordable and much less expensive the younger you happen to be. Plus, many states have partnership programs in place which provide dollar for dollar asset protection.

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But what if a loved one, or perhaps yourself, are afraid you may have an issue NOW?

Some of things to ask. Do you or a loved one suffer from forgetfulness? Perhaps you or a loved one seems confused at times or perhaps suffer from a decline in thinking or reasoning skills?

These are among the Alzheimer’s disease symptoms that affect men and women. While this usually happens as one ages … sometimes it can impact people in their 50’s or even younger.

Yes, the frequent mistakes or forgetfulness you or a loved one may experience could be just a temporary lapse, stress or a drug you could be taking. If you have any doubt you should have your loved one speak with a doctor.

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