Ten Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy with IVF Treatments

Ivf is a process by which an egg is fertilized by sperm outside the body. When all other methods of reproductive technology have failed.

Ivf is a process by which an egg is fertilized by sperm outside the body. When all other methods of reproductive technology have failed, IVF treatment follows because it is a big treatment for infertility embryo transfer. Here we are provided best ten tips for a healthy pregnancy with ivf treatments. Every couple of intended parents and surrogate mother should read these tips carefully-

Control Your Weight:

You know that overweight decreases your fertility so first of all you maintain your weight because it improves your fertility and good for your healthy pregnancy. So you should keep in mind and follow this tip firstly.

Preferred always experienced doctor for treatment:

This tip is very important for healthy pregnancy. You always hire only experienced doctor for pregnancy with ivf treatment because insist the senior or experienced doctor carries out your embryo transfer. Its better tip for your healthy pregnancy. We are telling you that surrogate mother Delhi follow this tip.

Try not to cold on treatment day:

In case suddenly you have a cold on your embryo transfer day, you firstly tell your doctor. You always trying you should not too cold like cough or sneeze under pregnancy time period because it’s a bad effect on healthy pregnancy so you should follow them carefully.

Leave the bad stuff and eat only healthy diet:

You should leave bad stuff like alcohol and smoking because this is decrease fertility make it less to get pregnant and increase your pregnancy complications and bad effect on healthy pregnancy. You eat only healthy diet like folic acid that can improve your fertility. You should increase intake of vegetable protein and reducing animal protein.

Own your IVF health:

IVF clinics not tell you about looking after yourself. But under ivf treatment you don’t touch alcohol and surrogate mother consider acupuncture on your embryo transfer day. So you should care you health for healthy pregnancy. You can also visit a surrogacy clinic in delhi to know more about surrogacy and ivf.


We are informing you that hormone testing is desirable but not always necessary for surrogate mother who bears the child for couples.

Do a dummy run:

Basically an embryo transfer should be quick and easy. We are suggest to you should ask to your doctor to do a mock embryo transfer before the real treatment. This dummy treatment through you getting the more knowledge about the ivf treatment in pregnancy and your pregnancy will be healthy pregnancy.

Rest after your embryo transfer:

You always keep in mind for healthy pregnancy with ivf treatment bed rest is very important after embryo transfers helps. You feel better and tell to your partner to take you for healthy diet. Leave the postprandial coffee. You go regularly park but learn that don’t do exercise because its affect on your pregnancy.

Don’t have a hydrosalpinx

It’s also affect healthy pregnancy with IVF treatment because a hydrosalpinx is fluid in fallopian tubes, and associated with a previous sexually transmitted disease. If you do have a hydrosalpinx then makes sure your normal healthy pregnancy almost impossible with ivf treatment.

Give your partner a joke or interesting books

You keep in mind your embryo transfer should be stress free. If your surrogacy clinic doesn’t have a books clown to hand, then you tell your partner to giving a joke or interesting books for stress free treatment.

We are suggest to you that you should follow these tips and getting healthy pregnancy with ivf treatment. is a surrogacy center in india is well renowned in the fertility industry where the professional IVF Doctors helps the peoples to become happy parents.

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